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Men's Basketball Adds 4 for 12-13

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Aside from being a bit JUCO heavy..I like the variety of the personnel that the staff brought in. With Evans..I'll never object to another solid ball-handler..especially if he can prove to score a little bit. Johnson has great size for the wing..and looks to be in the style of Siggers/Suero. Not suggesting he'll be as good..just that he's has the long slasher/scorer wing look..though his outside shot actually looks similar to Siggers'. Not sure what all Wiegmann will bring..but I'm happy with some more depth in the front court..that was priority #1 in my eyes. His youtube video reminded me a bit of Fran Urli. Bruxvoort's definitely the most promising. He looked like he had springs in his shoes in his video from the press release..kinda like Aronhalt with an additional 2-3 inches. Assuming he's red-shirting like we understand (the release confirmed he's a 'preferred walk-on')..some additional bulk should do wonders for him going into 13-14.


Hopefully Brown & Co. can put together enough offense with this team to make something happen. I'm still curious about the scholarship situation though. My guess has to be that Iati will pay his own way (in-state tuition).


And any word on who the new Grad Assistant will be?

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Funny...i said the same thing to Click about both Johnson (he has a Siggers look/ceiling) and Weigmann(not really sure what he brings).


Brux...is going to be a good one I think.


Film is film...but I like DJ Evans!!!

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People seem very concerned about 3 JCs and probably rightly so but these three seems to meet UA's immediate needs.


1. Evans (2nd Team DI All Amer means no slouch) a PG to rest Black or even play him some off the ball. Both Black and Evans are good defenders. It also gives UA an experienced PG the following year


2. Johnson at 6'6" gives us a good sized wing who can get to the rim and who is also a very solid defender. He and Guerrier should meet our needs on the wings and I am sure they will see time together on the court as Guerrier (out of necessity) played quite a bit at the 4 last season.


3. 6"8" Wiegmann was highly touted by his highly successful JC coach and is suppose be very intelligent and a tireless worker on the court (led his team in scoring and rebounding this past season). He should be a good addition and also be insurance for Devlin who has struggled since back surgery last summer.


From all I've heard Bruxvoort is a FREAKY athlete with a big upside.


With all the talk here about 3 JCs it is interesting that UA will actually have 3 Freshmen 9eligibility-wise) on the roster next year - Bruxvoort as well as Page (Redshirt) and Hooley (Med. redshirt).

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To clarify my position; Maybe if McElroy gave the more appropriate 3 + 1 contract, there may have been no need to go for three JUCO's (more head coaching stability).


I can't say for sure if it factored into the equation...but with a 2 year contract you are telling your Coach, "Win now...or else"


I'd recruit ready made players as well if I were Will Brown. I am not trusting my future to skinny raw freshmen.

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D96 - I agree wholeheartedly with a two year extension there is no doubt the coach is on the hot seat and is in a win now situation and apparently has recruited to get that done.


But with that said next years roster will still have 3 players with freshman eligibility so it appears Coach has himself covered both ways - short term and long - 3 freshmen eligibility wise is just about average for most teams.

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