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Game Notes are up. This year with color! Pretty much replaces the Media Guide.


I am sure there are more errors in the media guide (and that is not the point of this post), but: "The Danes will need to fill the shoes of All-NEC kicker Herb Glass, who made 37-of-42 field goals in his career."???


Heck, he had nine misses last year alone.

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I really hope we get a big banner or sign announcing the construction of the new football stadium at this game as well as an opportunity for folks to sign up for new season tickets etc.


Not everyone coming out this Saturday knows what we are building...perhaps we can reel in some new season ticket holders.

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They'll be taking reservations for next year's tickets in the lobby.


Great...I'm assuming current season ticket holders don't need to do anything.

I wouldn't assume anything; with seating arrangements to be made things will probably happen sooner that usual, tho I'm sure there will be further notifications.




FWIW Colgate game notes and depth charts aren't out yet.

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Among other things from the Brian Rudolph at the ticket office today:




UAlbany Athletics is also happy to introduce a brand new DaneZone for online viewing. All games are now broadcast on WCDB 90.9 FM. This channel allows you to listen on mobile devices as well as at home on personal computers. In addition DaneZone now has 2 camera angles with audio from Rodger and Zach for all football and basketball games. The scoreboard will now appear on the top of every broadcast as well to keep viewers better informed.


Basketball Season Tickets will be mailed in the middle of October please have all seat change/upgrade requests to me by Oct. 1st.


Lastly, we are excited to announce a new promotion for the 2012 Football Season. SEASON TICKET HOLDER SIDELINE UPGRADE will take place at all home football games. Each game 2 fans who sign up at the NEW STADIUM INFORMATION TABLE will get sideline passes to watch the entire 2nd half from down on the sidelines!! If your name is called please come to the New Stadium Info. Table at Halftime and you will be escorted down to the sidelines for the 2nd half.. We hope you like this opportunity as it is only open to you, not the general public.

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Any insights from those who saw the game? I had a BBQ at a friends house. Missed the whole thing.


I thought the team looked GREAT...I have no idea...maybe Colgate is total 'ish who knows. But we just lined it up and took it to them...ran right at them. Our one/two punch of Smith and Osbourne were fantastic. As for Fiacchi I thought he was very solid...had one mistake with that INT in the endzone and on another play should have thrown it away instead of getting tagged for a 10 yard loss but he was good. Made a few great throws to move the chains, didn't really thrown much down the field but a good first outing by him to get his feet wet.


Our special teams was phenomenal blocking a number of punts...our defense was very good, well coached if they couldn't get to the QB they put their hands up resulting in tipped balls.


The crowd I thought was incredible...I don't know the official number yet but it was PACKED...even on the berm there were many people. I'm more encouraged then ever that the new stadium WILL be packed when it opens. It was a great evening. Very encouraging both on and off the field. Tonight we were simply better on both sides of the ball.

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