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Looking at some other FCS scores...I see that SBU did CCSU dirty...not very competitive. Duquesne got worked pretty bad by ODU...Bryant got smashed by Marist. We were the only team that won their game in the NEC. OUCH...good thing we are getting out.



On a side note, I just got home from the Pitt/Youngstown St game and am very interested in how we will do against the Penguins. They took it to Pitt all night on both sides of the ball. They have some really solid lines.

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Listed attendance just shy of 6200...(6194)...most of those people walked past signs for new stadium.




I would expect a maximum capacity crowd next year if the weather is good for the home opener.

6200 will look alot bigger in the new facility. More concentrated seating area.

Phase 2 won't be a long way off if we can consistently get crowds that size.

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Bryant losing to Marist that badly should be inexcusable. Sacred Heart lost at Morgan State in four overtimes.


Duquesne actually led ODU at the half 20-10 and only trailed 27-23 with under 12 min. left. Then a 75-yard pass, an interception leading to a short ODU touchdown drive, a Duq safety, then ODU scored again in the last minute after a 50-yd. run.


Monmouth was trailing Lehigh 21-17 and was stopped on 4th and one at the 7-yard line with 7 min. left. Lehigh's last TD was on the last play after several MU laterals.


In two weeks we play at Youngstown St., who manhandled Pitt in Pittsburgh today.


Besides what you mentioned re Fiacci, the one option pitch he tried looked like he needs more practice at it. Defensive line mostly looked good but pass coverage was pretty weak.


The signup for the new stadium requires $1000 donation to buy two $140 season tickets. I didn't see how much the other tickets will go for.

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Loved the quote "What a painful game to watch...and in such a crappy stadium."


especially after a week ago


"I still cannot believe we're playing UAlbania, Scared Heart and Stoned Brook in the first five games....and only one game in the KerrDome. What has become of our fb program?"

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I think the announced attendance may have been even understated--looked like more. Also, most stayed for the whole game. In the past even when the weather good, there always seemed to be a mass exodus @ the half; but no so last night.


Team looked awesome! Except for a couple deep completions by Colgate, the score may have been even more one sided. On UA's only deep pass, Cole appeared to be pushed, but no call was made--perhaps the zebra thought it was an un-catchable (anybody else see/notice this play?).


I know there is another thread concerning the radio broadcast, but since I was at the game I'll add my 2ç hear. I watched the fireworks from the Dutch parking lot (which by the way is really the best vantage point--I've seen the last several fireworks from there) and I listened to some sort of post game talk/show after my walk from the field to Dutch. I do not know what transpired immediately after the game since I was walking to Dutch, but the two students I heard at this point were I am afraid to say awful. I know they are only students and have much to learn and are probably disappointed about being relegated to some sort of backup role; but they really do need to get their act together--much too much stuttering and interrupting each other. I hate to be critical, because being at the game, I only heard a brief part of the broadcast , but I've heard WCDB students do broadcast work in the past, and those past announcers were much more coherent and professional sounding (perhaps better organized) than the two I heard last night.


Anyhow GREAT night over all.

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One note on attendance - Colgate virtually filled the visitors' stands, and I'm sure they had more on the home side, so they probably had at least 1,000 there. While that reduces the number of Albany fans at the game, it also shows what attendance could be with opponents who care enough to travel. I doubt we've had over 300 visiting fans at any of our D-I games, except maybe Hofstra (or Brown?).


That said, the game ranked ninth all-time - and that includes two games of '7,500' and two of '6,500' in days when we didn't sell tickets, or have a fence on top of the hill. At least three of the others were homecoming games, The '78 Ithaca game was at Bleecker Stadium.

Nov. 6, 1978: 7,500 vs. Ithaca

Sept. 20, 1975: 7,500 vs. Ithaca

Oct. 9, 2010: 6,624 vs. Saint Francis, Pa.

Oct. 5, 1974: 6,500 vs. RIT

Sept. 10, 1984: 6,500 vs. Ithaca

Oct. 13, 2007: 6,419 vs. Sacred Heart

Oct. 10, 2009: 6,255 vs. Duquesne

Sept. 10, 2005: 6,212 vs. Hofstra

Sept. 1, 2012: 6,194 vs. Colgate

Oct. 12, 1996: 6,082 vs. Union

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I thought there were more than 6194. And even more promising was the number of students there wearing UAlbany shirts. Most were wandering around and not really into the game, but that will improve in the stadium.


I would have guessed closer to 7,000.


CAA teams will travel better. JMU is expected to sell 15,000 tickets to their game against West Virginia in DC. Delaware will travel with 2,000-3,000 fans at least.


We'll be over capacity every game in the CAA.

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