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Permanent Visitor Bleachers

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


UAlbany to Install Permanent Visitor Bleachers at Bob Ford Field

If you've been driving past Bob Ford Field at the University at Albany recently, you may have noticed something. Or, more importantly, you may have not noticed something.


There are currently no bleachers sitting along the visitors' sideline of the Great Danes $19 million football complex, which was officially completed in September 2013.


UAlbany had previously rented the visitor bleachers from an outside company for the inaugural season of the facility but this season the program is looking for something a little more permanent. The program is currently putting out requests for proposals (RFPs) to purchase the permanent set of bleachers.


According to UAlbany's athletic website, Bob Ford Field can seat up to 8,500 and is the home field for the Great Danes' Division I programs in both football and men's and women's soccer.


UAlbany deputy athletics director Rick Coe said that the plan, currently, is for the program to make a decision on a contractor within the next few weeks and for bleacher installation to begin in late June or early July.


There would be no need for an extra construction once the bleachers are installed either, with a gravel base already in place. In other words, the bleachers essentially just need to be placed down and there they will stay.

Posted by Laura Amato at 3:42 PM

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We'll have to wait and see, but I don't think permanent means permanently in that spot.


It just means we own them and don't rent them.


This is the smart move. No one is going to deny us money for the full build out by saying you have bleachers and their fine. The money will be there or it won't. Its not right now, so lets not sit and wait for it like we did last time.

Edited by danefan
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Is this related to the rumors of concessions and bathrooms at Fallon as well?


I don't understand why we can't just open the stadium for bathroom and concession during Lax games? They should be able to rope off the rest of the stadium to just use the concourse.

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Would these "permanent" bleachers be surrounded by an earthen mound when the stadium is completed or do they get pulled out as part of the build out.


My opinion is they're pulled out. But that's just my opinion. It looks to me like the berm is built to be attached to a permanent structure on the away side. I don't think this is them abandoning that plan.


It was just more cost effective to buy these bleachers than it was to rent them.

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They seem to be doing some site work the past few days.

A backhoe, a dump truck, and some piles of gravel is all I could see today. At least it's something. We know the lightweight bleachers last year were put up in under a week.

Also, the purple path is being continued around the SEFCU lot. They better not mess up our tailgate spot!

They've fenced all but a couple of feet of the grass next to the curb. If they don't finish the path early, we'll have to tailgate on the asphalt for the Holy Cross game.

Purple Path, phase 3C, Project Alert Estimated end 9/08/14



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