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Albany (3-2) - Albany Cup 2016 - Sun 11/27 @ 7PM

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I love our 4,500 seat gym that rocks at even 75% capacity and has the darkest men's room in the America East   I love our long tenured coach who is likely to stay and win hundreds of games for UA  

Honestly...I think Siena is just straight out bitter. I think they are upset that UAlbany has built a bigger and better modern program all-around and they did it pretty quick. They are upset they aren

This was a coaching win as far as I'm concerned. We looked like a team tonight and Siena looked like a really talented group of individual players. Credit to CB, that was good basketball with everyone

From my viewpoint there were a lot of Siena fans in sections 500-550, and 250-300, but very few anywhere else, so probably not over 1000.


The floor sign didn't have any stats at any time except at halftime.


Will have to watch the replay to see what Patsos did for the technical.


Aints fans chanting "Will Brown's bald spot" but "Patsos's stomach" doesn't have a good rhythm for a chant.


Despite the standing room, attendance listed as the usual sellout of 4538.


Almost 2100 on hand as the women come from behind for the 88-86 win in OT.

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Can you just imagine what the series record would be for the modern time (since 2001) if the play site had alternated between the TUC and SEFCU? Don't tell me that the home court doesn't have any advantage?

Going forward Let's just win on our home court and continue to win 2/3 on the road (4 out of last 6 there ) if LCC isn't afraid to continue with a real series after this one ends next year :)

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They have a very similar view of our coach... Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. Is my math correct in that this is 4 put of 6 for us lately in this series?



Interesting. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen Brown act like Patsos does regularly. The guy is a mess and is career record as a coach is not very good. Brown has made some comments in the press a few times in the past but I've never felt embarrassed by him.

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Can you just imagine what the series record would be for the modern time (since 2001) if the play site had alternated between the TUC and SEFCU? Don't tell me that the home court doesn't have any advantage?




All-Time series is now 34-23 (Siena). The DI series is in favor of Siena 10-6, with Albany winning 4 of the last 5, and 5 of the last 7. The series (DI years) is as follows:


2001- Siena (by 12)

2002- Siena (by 4)

2003- Siena (by 21)

2004- Albany (by 21)

2005- Siena (OT)

2006- Siena (Double OT)

2007- Siena (By four)

2008- Siena (By seven)

2009- Siena (by nineteen)

2010- Albany (OT)

2011- Siena (by four)

2012- Albany (by thirteen)

2013- Albany (by 12)

2014- Albany (by 9)

2015- Siena (by 8)

2016- Albany


Considering Albany didn't make its mark (winning the AE) until 2005, that's a fair point to say when the program "arrived". Since that time, Siena is 7-5 against the Danes, including 2-1 in OT's. But again, we are 5-2 in the last 7 years. I'd have to think with what we have returning, and they have coming back, we are clear favorites for next season (on paper).


Suffice to say, this is an even match-up...no matter what their fans think.


If we don't get a home-and-home...drop the series.

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