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Albany (3-2) - Albany Cup 2016 - Sun 11/27 @ 7PM


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Outrebounded 31-29, but despite all their experience and "superior athleticism" Albany wins scoring in the paint 36-24


That's partly because of David. Dude carved up that Saints defense like it was some tuna. He's probably one of the best attacking guards we've ever had in my 11 years of following UA hoops. Dude is relentless as someone else said.

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Can you just imagine what the series record would be for the modern time (since 2001) if the play site had alternated between the TUC and SEFCU? Don't tell me that the home court doesn't have any advantage?



All-Time series is now 34-23 (Siena). The DI series is in favor of Siena 10-6, with Albany winning 4 of the last 5, and 5 of the last 7. The series (DI years) is as follows:


2001- Siena (by 12)

2002- Siena (by 4)

2003- Siena (by 21)

2004- Albany (by 21)

2005- Siena (OT)

2006- Siena (Double OT)

2007- Siena (By four)

2008- Siena (By seven)

2009- Siena (by nineteen)

2010- Albany (OT)

2011- Siena (by four)

2012- Albany (by thirteen)

2013- Albany (by 12)

2014- Albany (by 9)

2015- Siena (by 8)

2016- Albany


Considering Albany didn't make its mark (winning the AE) until 2005, that's a fair point to say when the program "arrived". Since that time, Siena is 7-5 against the Danes, including 2-1 in OT's. But again, we are 5-2 in the last 7 years. I'd have to think with what we have returning, and they have coming back, we are clear favorites for next season (on paper).


Suffice to say, this is an even match-up...no matter what their fans think.


If we don't get a home-and-home...drop the series.


We did beat them once when they were D1 and we were D3.

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So over the last 7 years the Albany Cup games (men and women) have resulted in a 12-2 record for Albany. In what alternate universe does Siena think it should be able to make demands about

having all of the games at the TUC?

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Sam Blum@SamBlum3 1h1 hour ago

Patsos: "We've got to grow up a bit in our program...But I'm dealing with 18-22 year olds." It was the 50-year-old coach that got the tech.

LOL. He is the one who wanted to move to LCC when loyola moved to a league with higher academic standards. He is only dealing with the type of 18-22 year old that he recruits :)

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So over the last 7 years the Albany Cup games (men and women) have resulted in a 12-2 record for Albany. In what alternate universe does Siena think it should be able to make demands about

having all of the games at the TUC?


Yep, I was thinking the same thing last night about the combined women and men results for the last seven years. I guess the opposing view comes from a distorted sense of entitlement.

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What was the proportion of LCC to UA fans at SEFCU tonight? I couldn't get sound on my video output, so I have no idea what the breakdown was.


My sound on ESPN3 feed was great. 75-25 would be my guess. This was scheduled on a terrible day. If the students were not coming back off break, it would have been more electric.



Thanks, Dane


I was watching the game on the AE site. Stupid me! If there is another SEFCU meeting, UA should dictate the terms, such as the date.



I watched the ladies game on the AE site, and part of the soccer match and men's game on the ESPN3 site.

Huge difference.


Ok, refresh my memory. The current contract is a 3 year deal, with Albany getting only getting one home game, $iena getting two, correct?

Benson better pound out a fair deal next time!


Every other year or forget it.


As for Cremo, you gotta love this kid.


Great day for the Danes. By the way, yesterday gives the 2016 head to head annual cup to Albany..... UA 6 $iena 2

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Again Click, I'm at a point where I just don't care about Siena. It was a big deal playing them when the program first hit DI because they were the name in Albany and a big program in the 90's. Frankly, UA has bigger games on the schedule this year if not equal to them. It is fun watching UA beat them, but it's whatever.


Sick of UA jumping through hoops to please a program and an athletic department that still believes it's the 1990's and they are a big deal in upstate NY compared to anyone else.

Agreed... True home and home or walk.


I love reading their board, we "aren't that talentes" and not "really good"... Lol... What does it say about their guards that out sophomore back court hung 50 on them. Lol



So I just read through about 8 pages on their game thread on the Siena board. I wish there were 30 more pages it was so fun to read. It is amazing that this game is so important to them that they want to fire the coach because they lost it. Would I be upset if we lost tonight? Sure but I'm upset for any loss. I sure as hell wouldn't be devastated like most of them are. Also, they really are delusional if they think Siena is a much better program, especially with that coach. So comical to read!


I will say it again. I would be absolutely embarrassed if UA had a coach that acted like Patsos on the sideline. I would find it hard to support a program that would allow that type of idiotic behavior especially when he doesn't win.



One of their players looked super pissed that Patsos got that technical. Priceless :)

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