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  1. Athletic Budget

    Remember, ‘School funds’ is half the revenue, and student fees thirty percent. That’s the only way the dept breaks even
  2. Is Will Brown done for?

    Coach Abe did win a first round game, beating Florida
  3. Highlights and story are up now. To be fair, admit that the UVM highlight video can’t be very long.
  4. And Drexel dropped Georgetown from the unbeatens today 15-10, so we’re alone now.
  5. Three wins (one in OT) by a total of four goals vs teams with a combined record of 4-19. Loss to 2-3 Dartmouth and 18-5 loss to Colgate. And a MAAC team. Will we soften them up too much for $iena ( their next?)
  6. Attendance 2583, how many more if it were ten degrees warmer with no wind? TD was 19 of 21 face offs, team was 24 of 28
  7. Penn was favored (RPI 57 vs our 82) and was playing at home. You got Coach Mac on the hot seat too?
  8. Yup, looks like the cheapest is $9.95 for the School Day Pass. Looks like it auto-renews too, so cancel after the game.
  9. Men’s NIT

    In the college womens game, at least, the quarter break replaces one of the media timeouts, so the difference isnt that great, except for last, shot-clock-off possessions at the end of the first and third. I didnt watch much closely, did they also try the womens foul system - two foul shots awarded after the fifth foul of each quarter, no one-and-ones. Thats a change I dont care for.
  10. As it also says in the ad "Just Say No to Green"
  11. Department has been promoting the game as "PURPLE IS THE NEW GREEN"
  12. WNIT is not an NCAA event, its owned and run by Triple Crown Sports of Colorado. Pairings obviously done for travel. If strict RPI were used for seeds, we wouldve been #7 but are playing #1 Penn. 4 seed Duquesne plays 6 Miami O, but 14 St Joseph gets 13 Seton Hall.
  13. Game did nothing for home field in th AE playoffs, but probably nailed it down for the NCAAs Ed: never mind, you mean the UVM game will secure home field. Marr said yesterday UVM is starting to recruit a lot of Canadian players