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#105734 [MBB] Game #21: 1/18/18 - 7:00pm - vs UMass-Lowell (5th Annual Coaches Cure CF)

Posted by UAalum72 on Yesterday, 07:26 PM

Someone (even the past) wanted Brown fired!? Boo that man!

Short memory. Even last March our resident manic-depressive Scrabbleship said the loss to UVM meant the clock has reached midnight for Will Brown. (He hasn’t posted since)

Remember it took him ten years or more to get his record up to .500. Lot of doubters even since then, eve after he got the rep for winning the tournament

#105380 2017-18 Season

Posted by UAalum72 on 11 January 2018 - 06:44 PM

I haven't see the Rodger Wyland basketball weekly tv show advertised.. anyone hear anything about it?

I think it starts next week - last year began Jan 13, or was posted to the web site that day
This Saturday, 11:30 on MY-4

#104994 [MBB] Game #16: 1/3/18 - 7:00pm - vs Hartford

Posted by UAalum72 on 04 January 2018 - 08:44 AM

They also play a bit rough inside with that Irish kid and Attia. Clearing out with elbows, etc. That's what had me incensed when Stire was called for 3 fouls on basically one trip down the floor. On the third one he took a charge to make a point and was called for the block instead. People were LIVID at that call.

Yeah, I was amazed that Carroll could play like he does for 37 minutes and not get whistled for a single foul.

#104924 [MBB] Game #14: 12/20/17 - 9:00pm - @ Louisville

Posted by UAalum72 on 03 January 2018 - 06:12 PM

With his outmanned Pittsburgh team well on its way to a 77-51 loss at Louisville, Stallings was overheard getting into it with what appears to be a Cardinals fan or fans.

At least we didnt pay our guys $100,000, Stallings yelled,

#104837 Title IX violations

Posted by UAalum72 on 28 December 2017 - 10:29 PM

This thread wins a Major Award for most embedded quotes per post



#104695 [MBB] Game #14: 12/20/17 - 9:00pm - @ Louisville

Posted by UAalum72 on 20 December 2017 - 11:25 PM

Why didn't WB call his last timeout after the missed free throw? Maybe they could've drawn up a play for a 2 pointer and get it to OT. 

Said on the radio, then you have to inbound vs. their length with 6 seconds left. In the past he often lets the veterans play instead of letting the defense get set.

Out rebounded L 52-37. Trouble is you only get offensive rebounds when you miss your shots.
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#104640 [MBB] Game #14: 12/20/17 - 9:00pm - @ Louisville

Posted by UAalum72 on 20 December 2017 - 09:45 PM

Memphis takes lead over aints, 55-51 with 8 left
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#104572 Women's Basketball 2017-18

Posted by UAalum72 on 19 December 2017 - 03:47 PM

Albany beats Southern Illinois Salukis 68-57, play another dog, The Northern Illinois Huskies, on Thursday

#104516 [FB] Game 11 - vs New Hampshire - 11/18 - 1PM

Posted by UAalum72 on 18 December 2017 - 09:37 AM

Do we play JMU next year? If so, consider it a 60pt loss. Even if we field a great team next year and win 8-9 games. JMU, as presently built, could probably hang with some of the BCS teams for a good while. Freakin Juggernaut.


no, as you posted Nov. 1 http://bigpurplefans...+2018 +schedule


Sept.1 at Pittsburgh
Sept. 8 at Rhode Island*
Sept. 15 vs. Morgan State
Sept. 22 vs. St. Francis
Oct. 6 at William & Mary*
Oct. 13 vs. Richmond*
Oct. 20 vs. Towson*
Oct. 27 at Maine*
Nov. 3 vs. Delaware*
Nov. 10 at New Hampshire*
Nov. 17 vs. Stony Brook*

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#104507 [MBB] Game #13: 12/16/17 - 7:00pm - vs Canisius

Posted by UAalum72 on 17 December 2017 - 11:11 AM

Griffins shot 10-12 to start, we held them to 37% over the last 30 minutes or so.

Attendance 2500 was late-arriving but better than expected

#104343 [MBB] Game #12: 12/12/17 - 9:00pm - @ Memphis

Posted by UAalum72 on 12 December 2017 - 09:12 PM

bob87 with an appearance
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#104257 [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

Posted by UAalum72 on 11 December 2017 - 01:53 PM

University Field averaged just about 4000 the last two years; Ford Field was 6800 the first season, just under 6000 the past two years
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#104229 [MBB] Game #12: 12/12/17 - 9:00pm - @ Memphis

Posted by UAalum72 on 10 December 2017 - 08:48 PM

any info on what section is behind Visitor bench? can't tell from Fed Ex seat map

looks like sec 106, had to blow this ticketmaster map up to 300%


#104111 [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

Posted by UAalum72 on 08 December 2017 - 03:05 PM

section 120 row A


forecast for light snow (dusting to 2 inches) starting late afternoon

#103993 [MBB] Game #9: 12/2/17 - 7:00pm - vs Columbia

Posted by UAalum72 on 04 December 2017 - 02:50 PM

We were near the bottom in blocks last year too.

I think John Wooden said blocks are a result of making up for defensive mistakes