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  1. For what its worth; getting some votes in media top 20 poll and Quint has UA knocking on his top 20 door. Need to continue to get better and win the AmEast.
  2. What does 3 years probation mean? Appear to look like nothing? No schollie ban? No tournament ban? Probation = ?????????
  3. Also per TU this am. NO sit year for transfers. More than likely pass for 20-21 year. Brings basketball, football & baseball in line with all other sports.
  4. Massey smashy. Yank predicts UA runs the table in the league and wins the conference tournament. That prediction is based on which team shows up each & every game: if the team that played maryland for the last 2/3rds shows up UA WINS the league easily. If something less shows up, still wins but may need some help. In other words I don't know anymore than Massey at this point and write this kind of tongue and cheek. But let me say seriously, I think this team IS improving and IF/WHEN they play like they are capable they CAN beat anybody. Obviously they have some things to work on, and some
  5. Watched the game with sound off. Besides hating brook announcers; I felt I could call my own play-by-play. Good start, went cold, nice play by Clark, bad play by Clark, Rizzutto hits 3 in a row, Rizzutto misses 3 in a row, UA misses lay-up, brook dunks, brook blocks shot, brook gets offensive rebound, UA gets offensive rebound, UA gets shot blocked or travels or loses ball off their finger tips, Healy GETS HOT too little too late, UA loses by 3 when heave on the buzzer rims out. I swear from the first tip to the last minute I kept calling out to my wife UA would lose by 3. You all know I'm NOT
  6. 100% agree. Have been saying this for two years. IMHO it has hurt the game. Not necessarily saying go back to the old rule; but it NEEDS to be changed and/or modified. I know I sound like a broken record but IT HAS NOT made for a faster pace game [which was its primary stated purpose.] With all the subbing, offensive and defensive shifting and deliberate offenses, the game has for me been less fun to watch. Getting as bad as watching women's lacrosse--no offense to the ladies themselves; ONLY the rules they play under.
  7. WOW, no one wants to talk about todays game. Not a single post?? You ALL haven't given up already --have you?? OK I' bite. Two comments: [1] UA will play much better today than they did against umass. Don't know if that is enough for a W but BETTER IMHO. [2] For what it's worth take a look @ the AmEast schedule today. Other than bingo no one playing a single team of consequence. After today UA will have played a 15,5&,7 (depending on the week voted) and two teams getting some top 35 mentionings. brook & vermont have played NO ONE, umbc & hartford some medians. bingo & ma
  8. Update to comment I made previously: This year Harford had a 1st & 3rd team GRAD transfer; Mass Lowell had a 2nd team selection; and Hartford and New Hampshire each had 1 on the all defensive team. As in previous years, UA ZERO grad transfer impact players. Hansen was a nice piece once he learned the system, but like our previous grad transfers, NOT what you would expect from a 5th year player. IMHO if you are going to give out a one year schollie, he better be able to step in and be MUCH MORE than supporting cast.
  9. By the way Luke. really appreciate you joining the blog. Love to have the expert analysis of former players. As I said I'm not an expert. I post opinions, frustrations and game reports, but ALWAYS include IMHO and ALWAYS welcome and encourage ALL others dissenting or otherwise.. So THANKS for your contributions and input.
  10. Luke I’m 70,never played or coached lacrosse, neither have my sons; so I guess it is ok for me to post anonymously. And I think you are out of line asking 2018 to reveal himself and his son. He should enjoy the same anonymity as ALL posters on this blog. Anyhow, I enjoyed watching you play in your day!
  11. Can someone explain with all the weapons UA has; WHY THE #%^ CAN’T THEY SCORE MAN-up or even two up????????
  12. Story of today's game. umass better offense, better defense, better goal tending,and won ground ball battle 50 to 0, and about the same at face-off. Obviously un-official stats on my part; but check it out when officially available, I'm not far off. ps did i mention we could NOT clear the ball. Another stat I'd love to check--maybe UA all time low clear rate?
  13. from article in today's Schenectady Gazette. In article Marr gives praise to the 6 on 6 D.
  14. I HOPE the score is 2 - 2 @ the 19:00 minute mark. Be embarrassing for either team to miss the freebee.
  15. Harvard scored mostly on UA mistakes, face breaks and some lackadaisical goal keeping admitting so by Siekierski. A senior goalie should be able to make more than one save in 2 ½ periods by accident. Admittedly many of those shots were due to UA errors and face breaks {one by Siek's own unforced error.} The fact that Sierkierski made 2 or 3 saves on point blank shots ultimately SAVING the game, goes to show the skill level which he did NOT display earlier. Not saying the team is all the way back; but the offense is almost there IMHO, and the D is getting better all the time. The ride has
  16. I am worried about two players for next year. Healy is Healy and his shot will come back, no worry there. I am worried about Malachi, because he is such an enigma. I am NOT a coach and never played at any high level; but I simply have no clue what do do with him. I hope the staff can figure it out and get him to play to his potential. Minimally I would think he needs to take 1,000,000,000 outside shots between now and next year. Not saying he would become a threat from out there, but if he could make a few, would give him some room to get to the hoop and also make it so other teams can't just
  17. Have not watched the re-play yet but the TU had one of their best game reviews ever. Those who know me, know the TU and i go way back and NOT in a complimentary way; so I do not give this praise lightly. I would post the link if I knew how and will play with it and see if I can get it done; but a few highlights: Siekaski had a total of ONE save in the first half. He admitted to being a little lackadaisical and un-focused. The meeting with Marr was very encouraging; with Marr saying you are definitely going back-in after you get a rest to get your head together. He returned totally determi
  18. I have too watch the replay, but I also thought Siekirski gave up 2 to 3 goals that were savable. I thought the 6 on 6 D played a lot better today. A couple of "olay's"; but not nearly as bad as in game one and even two. In the first half the majority of harvard's goals were on fast breaks NOT against the D-set. One goal when Siekirski passed the ball directly to a defender with NO UA player anywhere near the pass. A goal in the 4th came after Ron John with no one on him just dropped the ball at the 40 and harvard picked it up and ran in un-contested for a goal. UA did cause 2-3 20 second vio
  19. Story of UA's season in a nutshel?? Josh makes his freebee; UA misses its freebee. Vermont wins game by 2?????????
  20. I guess you are right. I was a high school teacher and pretty much hated some of my principals. Just not sure if it is a good thing in a coaching and assistant coach context.. Also to clarify: not sure if the SOURCE does not like Brown and making claims about Pelletier also not liking Brown; or if indeed Pelletier initialed the comment. Anyhow, I agree with Clack. Keep Iati not as #2, get rid of the rest. Re-assess ALL players.
  21. OK. I know we are not suppose to name names; but between you and me and the blog, Knox and Pelletier need to be sacked! Knox played 4 years for UA was a total liability offensively, never averaged double digits in a season and for his career under 5 per game in points and rebounds [I did not look these up but speak only from memory, but if you check, probably even worse than I recall.] Always told he was a good defender, which I cannot confirm or deny. He was hired as coordinator of basketball operations, which is basically a clerk position. Elevated to coach based on being a good clerk
  22. MAYBE time to clean house?? Not renew some schollie's. Those who regressed, let them walk--play DII or whatever. Would be sorry to lose Malachi the most, but fact is no offensive game what-so-ever. I love Rizzuto's hustle but his shooting %age makes him no more than a back-up, who may get a hot streak for a few minutes now and again. Keep Healy and Hutchinson REBUILD from there. Get a new assistant coach or two while we are at it.
  23. Why do we get Grad Transfers that might be good "pieces" [Hansen, Miller {not even a piece},Foster] but can ever find an impact player? Hartford especially, but vermont, umbc, new hampshire and mass lowell have all gotten major contributors/starters off this program since it's inception?????
  24. The excuses are gone. This team has FAILED. Maybe they will grit it out and win a first round game, coming out of the 5 or 6 seed. But they have not shown me anything to really make me hopeful about doing that. I suppose you can make an excuse for injuries but this team is no longer young. Clack (god bless him) and others have pointed out the lack of player development. They are 100% correct. I do not have the expertise to say if this the fault of the coaches, bad recruiting or just players not developing mentally, physically, & athletically. But whatever the reason, something or someones
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