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  1. Does AmEast still have the rule: announce move mid season—-OUT of conference tournaments??
  2. Looks like Neely found his 3. Hutch NOT. Good ½ except one long scoring drought.
  3. Still begs the question was UA asked to join fully NOW??
  4. Season just around the corner. As "Five Alive" {old movie} would say "Need INPUT!" Any and all news appreciated Lacrosse fans. Thanks
  5. Inside LaCrosse called UA's schedule perhaps the most intriguing in the country. I wonder if by "intriguing" they mean; can UA HANDLE the 3rd most difficult schedule in the country. It should be fun to see if UA is up to it? I HOPE they are. Like I said in my fall ball posts; pretty sure offensively UA can compete with anyone. Defense being the BIG Unknown.
  6. Curious why CAA snubbed UA. If trying to expand, why go out of conference and add Monmouth; when UA is already an affiliate {i.e football.}?? Why not make the full membership offer to UA that they are making to brook?? Also, curious does this end the rumor that brook planned on going FBS?? And Hofstra has blocked brook from full CAA membership for years. Does that mean Hofstra is moving out or just resigned to their fate. AND IMHO if the CAA is really snubbing UA, time to look for another football conference. I know most would disagree and say where else COULD UA go. Also you may say leaving the CAA ,UA could/would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. But IMHO it has been a bad fit since day one; go back to the NEC if necessary, but why be a whipping boy where you are NOT wanted. ps. If brook goes full CAA, would AmEast lose auto qualifier in Lacrosse (be down to 6 teams)
  7. I get it. KNOW both sports are different and like I said Knee injuries are complicated and degree of damage can be exponential. I was NOT suggesting anything or making any recommendation. I certainly do not have the expertise to do that. I was only curious, if anyone knows considering it is most likely Perry's last semester to play, if a stop cap procedure, brace, etc had been discussed. I've seen this being done in basketball before, albeit usually not too successfully. Just curious/wondering that is all!
  8. I know there are ALL degree of knee injurries. A few years back, Connor Fields (lacrosse star) played most of a full season with a very serious meniscus issue. Had various treatments to keep him going. Near year end he had some partial surgery and even though he was only a shell of himself he continued to contribute. Connor eventually had the full surgery and after a year of recuperating plays pro-lacrosse. Anyone know if there is any thoughts/hopes for doing something similar with Perry, especially since it definitely appears there is no way he he can redshirt and play next year???
  9. UA"s first game is NOT until the 3rd weekend in February; at least a week or two after pretty much everyone else. Anyone know or hear about any scrimmages beforehand??
  10. UA scored the last 13 points of the game. Down 44-47 with about four minutes. Held Lowell scoreless to win by 10. Hate to be negative, a win is a win; but I was there and also watched entire replay, and this was simply an awful game BY BOTH teams. Could be a blip or just a bad night, but based on what I saw last night, could be the two worse teams in the AmEast. UA shots <32% overall <27% from three {& 2 of the makes were by unlikely characters}, and UMass shot not much better. UMass blocks 14 shots but turns the ball over almost 20 times (12/13 in the first half alone) and gives up almost as many offensive rebounds as shots blocked. OH and attendance was terrible as someone asked. Last game UA recorded the amount as 1040 something, which seemed high to me. Last night had to be even less.
  11. Rodger Wyland had BOTH games @mvp being HOME games for lcc. Did NOT call it a neutral site? Will wait for more details noon today?
  12. If I recall; before UA lost Nano, we were knocking on the door of AAU. Seems we were 7 votes short at one time. Also, UB has been a member for a while due to having medical school and law school affiliations. Brook like UA was on the outside looking in, because of issues with their so-called Law School; but I think those issues have been straightened out and they are now in. After the Nano fiasco, the School of Engineering, closer affiliation with Albany law, and Emergency Preparedness were some suppose to supplement the loss of Nano; and be our ticket in. Except looks like we have actually lost ground. May have some of my details incorrect, but the gist that we were once really close and now NOT, I believe is correct. Anyone, care to expand or correct me appreciated!
  13. I am in NO way giving-up on Killings. I also think he will be fine and IS a very good recruiter. He has never been a head coach anywhere and of course there is a learning curve. Besides being a good recruiter; he seems to have done a good job motivating the kids and getting them to play heard. I also have never been a head coach (CYO once); but IMHO his X's and O's, game prep and game time decisions still need a lot of work. I really do not know if Killings or the players were at fault for a very poor last minute of play. IMHO UA gave that game away by two terrible sequences in the last 43 seconds. The team also shot terrible all game and played terrible defense in the first half and were probably LUCKY even to be in a position to win in the last minute. Just saying, give Killings credit for the second half comeback, but he also may have to take some of the blame for the failure to finish.
  14. Don't mean to pick on him; but Horton has had 45 points in the last 2 games, but only 3 assist. Just goes to show, as others are saying Offense strategy pretty much non existent. Just one-on-one street ball really.
  15. UA 25% from 3. NH 53%. Enough said. Someone commented could be worse UA shooting team of all time. IMHO I concur.
  16. Time to lay some blame on the new coach. Last minute NH down 1 gets a lay-up from there best player pretty much un-contested. UA counters will the worst shooter on the team (maybe the league) putting up an air ball in the lane. I assume Killings called the defense and the counter play?? In his defense UA had no right to be even in it. Must have missed 8-10 wide open threes. Maybe more
  17. Whoever Gattuso brings in or changes around is really the moot point. His depecrating comments, excuses, and "who and what we want to be" are moot as far as I'm concerned. He can't coach a pop-warner team IMHO. Also, If no-one is there to watch it, its like the tree falling in the woods, does it make a noise?
  18. If #3 Falko is NOT their best player, then Bingo is going to be tuff to beat this year. They looked deep and talented yesterday; and if their best player was not even there, either they are an elite team in the AmEast this year OR UA is worse than a lot of us think. ps Bingo is in 1st right now and has beaten a very good Umass Lowell team already.
  19. Inside Lacrosse reporting in top 16 transfers to watch #24 Jack Pucci. Noticed he was the only JR-college player to make the list. Maybe note-worthy because all the other 15 would be hurting the departing school. May mean nothing?? Do remember #24 in the fall scrimmage; pretty sure he had a couple of goals on the day; but do not remember him being 6'5". Along with Wade and Camden Hay @ 6'2" good size on attack. Also note Puccci was JR-college national player of the year for 2021 and MVP in national championship game. Anyhow, like I said in the fall, scoring will not be a problem. DEFENSE another story?????
  20. Also; in her State Address she said UAlbany and Nano should RE-COMBINE. Not that this is going to happen; but what does that mean for Utica & Rochester Nano facilities?? HERE's HOPING!
  21. Do Athletic Directors report directly to University Presidents? Seems to me President Rodriquez has more important things to do than monitor a low level AD?? If UA was a power 5 that brings in millions of $s and pays their AD's in 7 figures, than perhaps the AD should have a direct line to the top. At UA where academics is the precedence and athletic $s are more of a debit than a credit, you would think there would be at least one or two people below the Prez that Benson had to justify his existence to??????? On the other hand, as long as Benson is NOT buying out contracts and not spending exorbitantly; perhaps no-one cares that he is/has totally alienated pretty much the entire fan base and is destroying UA athletics??????
  22. I blame Benson {of course, I blame him for everything}; he has got us all crazy. I resolve in the New Year to be more civil to everyone on this board and not to complain about anyone in the UA Athletic Department or any teams or any players or any coaches. HAVE A GREAT NEW YEARS ALL! ps anyone know the most recent statistic as to how soon New Years resolution fail😚😙.
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