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A good game guys

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Just wanted to say good luck the rest of the season guys, although I don't really think you'll need it. Albany is the best 1-5 team I have seen in quite some time. You guys have some very good players in Wilson, Iati, Jordan ( I knew he would have a big game against us) I think UAlb seen enough of Kojo Mensah who without a doubt was the best player on the floor today. Funny what a difference a head coach can make. Anyway I'm sure you guys will turn it around very shortly. Albany is much too good a team to stay down for long

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Thanks for the kind words, I'm sure they will and good job to Siena they played one hell of a game I wouldn't be surprised if both Albany and Siena made the NCAA's. However I am baffeled about the refs in the game. Jamar's attempt at a three with two seconds left was clearly a foul and I am still in disbelief that it wasn't called. Albany should have won that game 66-65. But what will be will be, all this game was in the grand scheme of things was about bragging rights game. The American East season starts soon, again well done Siena.


"By the way I would like to appoligize for some inappropiete words of mine during the OT period, if anyone heard me I'm sorry I let the emotions of the game get to me."

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Thanks for the kind words, I'm sure they will and good job to Siena they played one hell of a game I wouldn't be surprised if both Albany and Siena made the NCAA's.  However I am baffeled about the refs in the game.  Jamar's attempt at a three with two seconds left was clearly a foul and I am still in disbelief that it wasn't called..... 




If the refs didn't blow the whistle for a charge on Jamar's tying hoop, they weren't going to blow the whistle at the end. There was plenty of time in overtime for the Danes to win - especially against a team that was running on fumes the last 10 minutes of regulation.






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That most certainly was NOT a good game for Albany. We looked as bad as we did against Sacred Heart. This team needs to learn how to win close games. Possibly playing basketball for an entire game will help.

As for the no call against Jamar at the end - that is NCAA basketball. We had plenty of opportunities from the line – 12 for 21 from the charity stripe will equal a loss much of the time. Just one more made free throw in regulation and we win. Again – this team is slipping off the court for an extended period of time in too many games. Hopefully we will develop some consistency before conference play begins.


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High expectations are tough to overcome early on in a season. Once UA gets in a comfort zone, you'll see the second half team of today's game on a regular basis.


I have to say the position that your AD put Will Brown in a few months back, by only giving him a one year deal, is most certainly a factor in some of the inconsistent play. It should have been recognized mid-way through last season that Will Brown had really put the program in a position to succeed in just a couple of short years - especially after the pile of trash the Beaton situation left the program in.


I guarantee, with a settled contract situation, the Danes would be playing a lot looser. Also, the kids are feeling the pressure to perform for their coach - who they obviously have a lot of respect for.


The AE season is right around the corner, and UA will most likely be on ESPN come March battling for the automatic bid. I think the losses against Sacred Heart and Siena have probably cost you guys an NIT bid - especially since the NCAA now owns the NIT, which will probably reduce the amount of bids that are given to the mid-majors.

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Someone said to me at the end of regulation that Jamar has to take that shot and not hope for the bailout. I agree the refs are really unlikely to end it on a foul call like that.


None of that explains what happened in the first half. I give credit to Siena who played with a ton of heart and purpose but we went on a 7 minute drought.


I really should have expected the day was going to go to hell before it started. I bought my overpriced beer and turned to get hit in the elbow by the Saint mascot.


Seems funny now that there were some Siena fans who wanted to see this game cancelled after McClinton transferred.

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Good game Danes. You guys are very good. Most teams get blown out after being down by 15 at the half. Lucious and Wilson are terrific players for UA. I think Albany gets on a roll and will still win their 16-17-18 games. If not NCAA, NIT is very likely as well if they can right the ship quickly.


Siena was lucky to pull it out in OT after a great Albany comeback. Siena-UA is something that is going to be fun for many years to come.


I should admit that when Siena won in the past (before last year) I thought a win over UA was just a ho-hum things. Not anymore. Not after last year and not after Albany's strong showing and Siena being in a tough spot. I really think this win will be one of the best all years for the Saints.


Hope Siena and UA have many wins this year!


Again, good game guys.

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1. I think these kids are reading too many press clippings. They were told they were great before the season so they figured the season would be a cake walk. Almost every game they come out flat to start the game and then turn it on midway through the first half. Champions prove they are champions from the start.


2. When does Z become a bust? A lackluster performance against UCLA and a so-so job against Siena, but is outrebounded by Lucious. He's one of the tallest guys in the AEast and is routinely handed his lunch.

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Was their a problem with Levi at the end of the game? He only played 24 minutes and did not play at all at the end of game or overtime. As a Senior, it must have been tough to sit out the Siena game. Even offense/defense substitutions would have seemed appropriate. I thought Siena played hard and well, but I thought Sacred Heart played hard and well. Maybe it's...............bring on Cleveland State!!!

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Knowing the "they just don't make that call" line, I have now seen the replay on channel 13, they do make that call. They have to make that call. It was not a touch foul, or could have gone either way, or a bail out. It was I play were he wanted to shoot the D closed without control so he pump faked and got crushed.


Siena played a great half of basketball. Shot the lights out in the first half. Albany played a great second half and dominated the game. Unfortunately in my eyes there should have never been an overtime.


I also wondered what happened with Levi. Was he missing assignments on D? Too slow with their smaller players? In 24 minutes he was somewhat effective with 6 points, 6 boards, 2 assists, no TO's.


Can anyone explain Jamar's play in the first half. No penetration at all. Second half he scores 18 almost all on penetration. And seemed to do it at will.


J.Wilson and Iati 2-16 from three.


Does anyone know the Brian Lillis story? 2 minutes, I thought I saw 1 steal (not in the box score) and 1 turnover. Health wise, should he be on the floor or not?


As someone who has been critical of Jordan recently, that is how he needs to play. The 3's were an added bonus that can't be counted on, but the penetration and aggression are what makes him a good player. Congrats to him on single handedly making this a ballgame and returning to an important role on this team.


I though Zollner did what he needs to do. He did struggle a bit when his guy stepped out but his numbers were solid. 11 pts, 6 boards, 2 blocks, and 1 TO.


Does anyone else think it is more than just coming out flat? It seems the pressing style, offensively and defensively, seems to get this team going. Any thoughts on going with this from the start?


How long before the next home game? I need to see this team play well.

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After that Wilson shot at the end of the game I had visions of the Stony Brook game a few years ago. I think we were up one with .02 of a second left. Konopka head faked Will Brand into the air and they called the foul. Konopka hit two of three and SB won.


I didn't see the play clearly from where I was sitting and didn't see a replay. At the time it happened I thought Jamar was not shooting well from outside and was reluctant to take that shot but that's just me. I don't think they usually call a foul in that situation but again I didn't see the replay. To his credit he didn't complain about it after the game. Probably the worst part of it was that it seemed to carry over in OT.


I was wondering about Levi also. He was guarding Antione Jordan in the first half and Jordan was lighting it up. I think when Lou started playing well he left him in with Iati and Jamar.


I was surprised at the attendace yesterday. It seems like as these games get more competitive less fans are showing up. Under 9,000 again yesterday although it didn't get heavy promotion. I could not believe how many people left at the end of regulation. I've never understood how people could do that.

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Zoellner's stats are inflated by 2 or three baskets in OT when game was already decided. It can be painful to watch him struggling in the low post on offense. It also seems like every call goes against him, so its two quick fouls and a seat on the end of the bench. I think you have to be happy with anything you get from him, but assume he will be on the floor less than 20 minutes a game.


As for the final play in regulation, watching it live I thought it was a borderline call, but I also thought Jamar can't rely on the refs to make the call in that spot. On tape, it was clearly a foul. It would have taken a lot of courage for the ref to call the foul, especially because the game was tied. If the foul is called, the game is over. If no call, the game goes on, and if we win, the no call is only a footnote.


Lucious played great, but missed a couple of crucial foul shots late in second half as we were surging. Jamar (who is a terrific foul shooter) missed 2 at beginning of OT, which would have given us momentum. He also made some crazy turnovers in OT, but that's what you get with him.


Also, credit to Fisher for hitting a tough 3 with Iati right on him, with about a minute left (Danes had just taken a 2 point lead). In my view, that was the key shot of the game.


A final observation. I thought our fans were great, and created a high energy tournament type atmosphere to the game. Where did all those purple shirts come from? Were they all students, or were shirts given to everyone in the section behind the basket?

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