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Did i hear correct that a JC recruit...

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I would assume it is legal if they knew press would be allowed. I was at the RACC in the afternoon and saw who I assume was Ross sitiing with Coach Brown while Coach Eaton had the players working out. Kid looked about 6'5 and well built. Oh and Eaton had those kids busting their butts.

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He played in 25 games at Fresno State his freshman year but left after a coaching change. Couldn't find his stats for his Juco year but they list him as 6'4. Seems like he could play any of the backcourt positions.


Here's his Fresno State profile:

Ross-Fresno State

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Hmmm, well if thats true then we have the complete class 2 JUCO, 3 Freshman definitly makes things intresting in regards for the race at the 2 spot, though I would have liked to see a 6'6 or 6'7 SF, but hey I'm sure Will Brown knows what he is doing, getting a player who went to Fresno State should help our program over the next two years, and getting a guard who could help replace Jordan sounds like a win, win.


Just to get an idea of the strength our Guards will have: Jamar Wilson Player of the Year, Jon Iati Rookie of the Year; Jason Siggers and Mike Knight AE Players of the Week; Carl Ross (Fresno State) 1st Confrence Champions; Brian Lillis (Returning Starter), Ried Anderson (Maybe he is taller then 6'5), and Bauman who I am sure is itiching to get some playing time.

(Atleast Brown has the problem of having too many weapons).


BTW Found Ross JUCO website not much in the way of stats but this caught my eye


Delta Mustangs Basketball

Bay Valley Conference - East Champions 2004, 2005

Big 7 Conference Champions 2006

1st Team All-Conference: Mike Kirby and Carl Ross

(I think this speaks for itself) I hope what Wyland says is true.



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I admit until this year I was not a big fan of Juco transfers as we hadn't had much luck with them. Jason Siggers changed my mind about that and hopefully we are as lucky with Ross.


Admittedly its a long shot to stay this way but I like how the scholarships have gotten spread out to give us experience other the next few years. Assuming Lillis and Brent start next year they could do so along with two seniors, Jamar and Jason Siggers backed up by a couple of juniors in Knight and Ross. A potential in two years to have four seniors starting if things play out with Knight and Ross going into starting roles their senior year.

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You know what reading over all the reports of this incoming class, I think it is clear that Will Brown atleast on paper has replaced everyone leaving rather well.

Now I know some of you might be upset that we didn't get a guy in the mid range (6'6, 6'7) but if you look at Reid who's 6'5 and seems to be rather similiar in terms of position as a wing/foward as Levi was I think that Brown has done a rather good job with completing a well balanced class, that replaces all the key players that we lost this year. Gifford (Zoellner), Yocum (Knotts and Graham), Anderson (Levine), Ross and Knight (Jordan)


We are definitly positioned for a two year run, hopefully this year by stock pilling guards we will soften the blow of losing Jordan, Jamar and Siggers over the next two years, in my opinion it puts us in a position to make our own AE dynasty.

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Here is the team breakdown for 06/07


2 Seniors

6 Juniors

2 Sophs

3 Frosh


06/07 - I like the team line-up and outlook


Recruiting for next year - I assume you would need to recruit 2 true freshmen here to secure the future. I would also assume the point guard of the future would need to be in this class. Another approach would be to go Juco and try to add to the current set of Sophs who I would argue represent our weakest recruiting class. Any thoughts out there?


07/08 - team will be very Senior heavy and expectations should still be very high


Recruiting - 6 spots to fill. This class could potentially launch us to a new level if we could make one or two more NCAAs. Could conference re-alignments be far away at this point? How many Coach Brown rumors will circulating?


08/09 - How good is this year's freshman class of Gifford, Anderson, and Yocum? Will they be able to carry a young team as Juniors? What type of Senior leadership will come from Connelly and Covington?


Should be a fun...

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