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There's a story about the tourney and the start of the season in today's paper. Some optimistic quotes from Coach Sheffield about the potential of this team. UAlbany volleyball found road tough - TU The Syracuse Daily Orange also has a story about their problems with Albany. VBall Rivalry with Albany Brewing


Albany Volleyball also supposedly got a commitment from libero Rachel Sarcione of Eden, NY. Eden, apparently, is a place where just about every player goes on to play college volleyball.


Also a volleyball update from Coach Sheffield:


Friends, Family, and Alumni of UAlbany Volleyball,


Hello! I apologize for not getting this out earlier in the week, we've been busy getting ready for our home tournament this weekend.


For those of you in the area, I'd like to invite you and your families to come out and watch our home opener on Friday night when we open with Syracuse at 7:00. The past two years this has been a great match that has gone 5 games. After the match the team will be signing autographs and handing out posters.


On Saturday we play Temple at noon and close the tournament with a very good Middle Tennessee State team at 7:00. I hope to see many of you in the stands and yelling!


Thanks for your support! GO GREAT DANES!!!

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Also, field hockey gets the weekend in Newark off to a good start with a 3-2 win at Delaware.


Good crowd at volleyball, with a big contingent from Syracuse, plus the Temple and Mid Tenn. teams for a while, and a couple of high school teams.


BWilson was at VB on crutches (apparently tendinitis, expects to be ready for the season). Gifford was there, I heard he weighs about 270, Brown wants him at 255 for the opener, seems right since I think he looks like he's got some baby fat on him. Of the women there, Devran Tanacan looks like she's slimmed down some.


I also saw a sign for a mandatory meeting for all athletes on 'Dealing with the Media' with Charley V, Rodger Wyland of TV-13 and Bob Weiner of the Gazette. Not a bad idea as the athletic programs gains more prominence.

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It is intresting for guys of Giffords size at 255 he would be right in the middle of big men in the AE.


Bing- Jaan Montgomery 6'11 290


Hartford- Vincent Aldevinge 6'11 225


Maine- Jordan Cook 6'10 220 Hampden, Olli Ahvenniemi 6'10 238, Christian Cavanaugh 6'10 207


UMBC- Tyler Massey 6'10 240, Chris Timba 6'10 255


UNH- Sam Herrick 6'11 255


UVM- Kyle Robbins 6'10 245, Chris Holm 6'11 255


As of right now he would be second in the AE in terms of wight. Brown's making a good call here.

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Sure...last night's match was very good....great improvement over last year. I was able to follow the action. This afternoon was a little harder to follow. I think the broadcaster was new and not familar with the game of volleyball.


Once you get more comfortable with how the game is played and the proper terminology, you'll be great! Might I suggest you listen to other volleyball broadcasts (from some of the "big" volleyball venues) to get some ideas.


You are getting better all the time. And we all appreciate it! Thanks for keeping the out of town fans informed!


I'll be listening this evening - hoping for a sweep!



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