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Another Verbal

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You guys received a verbal from Chauncey Gilliam out of south NJ. He's a super athlete. Check out his profile. There are a couple articles there. Also check out the rest of the site. It concentrates on mid major players.


Chauncey Gilliam Profile


For some reason this article wasn't linked there.


Gym Rats Midnight Madness

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You guys received a verbal from Chauncey Gilliam out of south NJ.  He's a super athlete.  Check out his profile.  There are a couple articles there.  Also check out the rest of the site.  It concentrates on mid major players.


Chauncey Gilliam Profile




So would this make him the next Jamar Wilson (if that is possible?) Being that my understanding of NCAA eligibility is slim to none, when and where would this guy fit into the plans?

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I don't really understand where this guy would fit in.  Is he comming 2007 or 2008, and how many scholorships do we have left?



I'm not up on your scholarship situation. I haven't heard of him reclassifying so I'd assume he'll be there next year.

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What the???? This dose not make alot of sense, oh wait it might. Since James is now a walk-on for this year, it is reasonable to assume that we may have had another scholorships avaliable (Siggers, Wilson, Bauman) Ambrose, Allen and now Gilliam.



Intresting he is from LEAP which is the same school as walk-on Lance James. I'm a little baffeled over the selection of another Shooting Guard.

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Here are some additional articles, this one talks about James and Gilliam playing together. Probably had a role in bringing him to Albany



Intresting both Gilliam and James transfered into LEAP from out of state leading to an investigation.



This was the only real write up on Gilliam's basketball skills I could find




Seems like a kid with alot of potential, some reports list him at 6-4 190 so he has size, given our depth at guard he won't have the presure to come in and start right away. He seems like a kid who could possible develop into a solid player.

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I think we might be coming of as dissing this pick but I think mostly because we really don’t understand where he fits in.  I also have full confidence in our coach as he has proven time after time that he knows what he’s doing. My posts in this thread are not intended to disrespect Gilliam.



I'm just happy about about getting a guy named Chauncey. B)



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Is this the same guy? Why do they say he is class of 2008 here?


Chauncey Gilliam, Columbia, Md.: Gilliam, another class of 2008 member, wowed onlookers throughout the camp with his highlight reel dunks and sheer athleticism. At roughly 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, he can play either guard slot, although he has a scorer's mentality. Gilliam's perimeter shot still needs some work, but if he becomes more consistent in that aspect of his game, he could be a high-major recruit. One observer noted that Gilliam's game was quite similar to that of former Georgetown standout Victor Page, an assessment with which I would completely agree.





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The 6'2 thing got me confused also, but according to the article linked above Chauncey Gilliam who plays for LEAP is originally from Columbia, MD (which made me think that this was the same guy). Not sure though.



"Gilliam, who scored 18 in the South Jersey Group 1 title game, transferred to LEAP for this school year. He was an all-county player at Hammond High School in Columbia, Md., during the 2004-05 season, according to The Washington Post. Gilliam also established residency in Pennsauken".

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