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Jerel Hastings

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  • 3 weeks later...

I found some info on Jerel Hastings, that I found of interest one is an article and I found some stats I thought were significant. Lets hope Jerel is as productive for the Danes.


I don't know if this has been posted but I found it on Rivals ....


..."I like how they've went to the tournament in back-to-back years," Hastings said. "And one of their leading scorers, Jason Siggers, is leaving. He's told me a lot about about the program and how he really liked it up there."


Hastings goes to Albany after coming off a rock-solid sophomore season in which he averaged 12.4 points and a team-high 7.1 rebounds. After building a reputation as an athletic and scrappy undersized post in high school at South Oak Cliff and at Stephen F. Austin, Hastings used this past year to expand his game and he continues to work at it as he prepares for the America East Conference.


"I think my jumper has developed and I'm a lot more confident shooting the three when I'm open," Hastings said. "I'm still shooting jumpers every day."


Texas Hoops Analysis: JEREL is a long and athletic slasher who can get to the rim and finish strong. He has a nice mid-range stroke, has an active and energetic body, is quick the hole and is a good rebounder.






Jerel shot over 50% and avg 7+rpg.


He also got to the Foul Line over 150 times - To give that stat relevance, in the AE only 2 players in the AE went to the FT line more than 150 times.....


Jamar at 209 and Bo Taylor at 159


Trimboli (UVM) 138, Holm (UVM) 135 and Janev (UNH) 132 were close


Jason Siggers 88

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Patch I think your touching on a key stat. This team is going to need to find ways to get to the line next year. Brent at 39 FTA's needs to improve. (56 as a Soph)


I was surprised to see Lillis at 95 (14th in the AE!!). Now we just need him to start hitting his front-ends...I'd love to see this stat but I'd bet Lillis shot about 30% from the line when counting only the front-ends of 1 and 1's and the first of 2's. He shot 62% on the year (71% as a soph).

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DP being you brought up Lillis.


I really expect him to have an excellent year next season. He could easily avg 13 or 14 ppg just by taking a few more shots and benefitting from getting to the FT line and making them a little more consistently (75%).

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With the incredible amount of young/first year players coming on board, the leadership void of Jamar and Siggers will need to be filled by the likes of Lillis, Iati and BWilson. Guys that have been here through the lean times and know what it takes to get to the top of this confrence. I'm also looking for a stellar season from Lillis, he has the tools just needs to be a little more assertive on the offensive end. No doubt, Jamar, Sigger and even Brent were option 1,2 and possible 3 but he along with Brent will be the seasoned veterans on this team and thus will have to lead by example. Can anyone take a stab as to when we will be able to get our first peek at the new team?


I know there has been some question about schollorships so I did a little counting....


Players returning.....

Reid Anderson

Conelly Brian

Covington Jimmie

Gifford Brett

Iati John

Lillis Brian

Wilson Brent

Total returning players = 7


Incoming recruits...

Ambrose Tim

Martin Josh

Turley Albert

Hastings Jerel

Raffa Anthony

Allen Billy

Total incoming recruits = 6


Leaving the team

Wilson Jamar

Siggers Jason

Knight Michael

Yocum Mike

Ross Carl

Baumen David

Players leaving team = 6


I know there has been a disconnect on this board with the math and the maximum allowed scholy's of 13. If my math is correct 6 players leaving and six coming plus the 7 staying would equal 13 players on scholarship the full maximum allowed by the NCAA's. Did I miss something or does this pretty much settle the scholarship/math disconnect and we won't have to have anyone pay their own way? Also, until we actually hear something official I think it's safe to assume Raffa is coming a rumor on an obscure message board not withstanding.

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