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Another Bingo player bites the dust

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America Least reported tonight a Binghamton player was arrested for kicking someone in the head at a bar Saturday night. Are they ever gonna learn to maybe get some good character guys on that team?


Head over to the America East board, there is a lengthy discussion going on about this. This is truly a sad story.....could be a human tragedy. As much as we all love to poke fun at Bingo there is no humor in this incident.

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That's what they say now, I didn't see anything about that prior to the incident.


I thought the timing of that was strange also. They didn't make that announcement until after this happened.

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Of course, this player is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Having said this, and although I do not know any of the underlying facts other than those highlighted in this thread, I admire the the DA's Office of Broome County for electing to prosecute this matter (assuming they don't decline to prosecute the matter further at some future date). There had to have been at least probable cause for this player's arrest that night (we hope), so I'm glad to see the matter prosecuted, though it's too bad that it even happened.


Too often bar fights occur, and I think every one of them should be prosecuted (unless, of course, NYS's limited (i.e., retreat jurisdiction) self-defense defense or some other justification for the assault applies). Moreover, whether you are an athlete, student, student-athlete, or the "average Joe," you expose yourself to a likely civil suit and judgment if one gets themselves into a bar fight or any sort of altercation along those lines. If found guilty, this former Bingo player will just hope that he criminal penalties imposed are the end of it. The civil penalties could be far worse.


EDIT: Having just read the Binghamton article on the incident, I see the patent seriousness of the assalt insofar as the injuries are concerned. Taking the police report with a grain of salt, the following statement from the report and article do not look good for the player: "Police investigators said he repeatedly struck and kicked the injured student about the head." (emphasis added).



My $.02.

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* * *UPDATES * * *


I. New Arrests

The latest that I have found on this incident is that two more individuals were arrested for the attack of the Binghamton student, Bryan Steinhauer. "The two new arrests are of 24 year old Edin Dzubur of Johnson City, and Sanel Softic of Binghamton. Both are charged with Second Degree Assault, and both were locked up in Broome County Jail." http://www.wicz.com/news2005/viewarticle.asp?a=6350


II. Victim Graduates with a B.S.

Whether or not the victim in the attack had earned enough credits to graduate, Binghamton University has awarded Bryan A. Steinhauer with a B.S. (Business Management). See www.pressconnects.com/assets/doc/CB108580515.DOC


(Kudos to Binghamton University for awarding the degree, regardless of whether Mr. Steinhauer completed his final exams or not.)


III. Status of Victim

As of on or about may 23, 2008, Mr. Steinhauer was still in a drug-induced coma due to swelling of the brain that resulted from the attack. I have not seen any further updates on the victim's condition since May 23, 2008.


IV. Minja

The Binghamton basketball player charged in this incident is still being held in jail and is charged with second-degree assault, a felony.


V. The Bryan Steinhauer Fund


For those who are so inclined, the victim's fraternity has established a fund to "collect[] money to help him and his family out with uncovered medical expenses." http://www.kappalambda.org/ According to that webpage, the fraternity states: "One of our brothers was recently attacked and is currently in the hospital."

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Apparently Minja's family posted bail, and then allowed him to flee the country with them...this story just got more disturbing than I ever would have thought...This is absolutely ludacris and I feel horrible for the victim's family right now...i hope he gets better soon



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Very disturbing......$100,000 seems like a low bail for someone with no real connections to the local area and with the victim in drug induced coma for what seem to be at least a month.


Man. That really is disturbing.

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this judge is an idiot...even if the bail was to small, he should have at least taken the kids passport away, knowing of the possibility to leave the country. I don't know about you, but people in the Binghamton area should be calling for this judges bench after this.

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