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New York Giants' K Tynes doesn't like your fields, UAlbany


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I saw this yesterday in the TU.


I guess he asked to kick on John Fallon Field.


Apparently not even the Super Bowl champion football team can practice on it. That makes the decision to not let our football team on it a little better, I guess.



The Giants have absolutely no stance to complain about anything.

They pay for operational costs and food only. According to an article I read earlier in the year, the implication was they don't pay for facilities upkeep or anything else related. (i'm looking for that article).


If the Giants are going to stay they should just drop $10 million into the stadium so they can use it too.


If not, I'd be the first on line to wish them luck at their summer camp in Secaucus in 2009.

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Thanks for the tip about the TU article.

I didn't see it yesterday because I only read that crap paper once iin a while unless someone points out there is an article of interest. Those are few and far between. Interesting it was written by the LCC beatwriter. Did he get a promotion or just a better assignment temporarily.



Here is the link


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I think he always gets reassigned for Giants camp.



As you know....not much happening in Loudonville in the fall. B)



My letter to the editor is going to be published (or so they tell me). So keep an eye out for that one. Should be in the next week or so.

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Edit: I know who it is. Forget it.



why is it fake?



No, its not fake. The kid played a year for us and quit to concentrate on throwing javelin instead. He was a real good javelin thrower (school record holder)

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It was disturbing to read that another lacrosse program in the area other than UAlbany was attached to 'the best college lacrosse this country has to offer' statement. Even though that one program was an exaggeration, it was probably necessary to get it posted. :angry2:


How true is the letter though!!! Area residents need to get their heads out of their wingwangs and start supporting area college athletics more!

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