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Gov Patterson plans for SUNY overhaul


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UAlbany gets 20% of it's funds from the state, per President Philip.




Thanks for your info. The rate you quote was even lower than my expectations.


We have too many of these muckamucks parading around acting as though they're really generous with NYS money.

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From UUP Binghamton last November:


"In 1990, the state funded $915 million or 75 percent of the University’s operating budget – with the remaining 25 percent financed by the students and their families. After the Governor’s latest reduction, the state’s share of SUNY’s operating budget will be $907 million. The state is spending $8 million less this year to support public higher education at SUNY than it did in 1990.


When SUNY was created in the 1960’s, it was a system for everybody, financed by state support, not tuition. These numbers are not inflation adjusted. For comparison sake, the CPI rose over 69% during this time period; the HEPI (Higher Education Price Index) rose over 91%."



Another UUP Voice article says "By 2005-06, the percentage of state funding dropped to 51" but I thought it was already lower than that, at least for Albany.


The 20% Philip refers to is also the operating budget; I don't think this includes the capital construction contributions.


FAQ page for "Giving to UAlbany" says "Even though UAlbany is a public university, less than 18% of our operating budget comes from state support – which is not much more than what many private colleges receive from the state. "

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Does anyone have the necessary insight into the legislative process to guesstimate on when this bill could be passed and signed?


This is located in a "budget bill". Budget bills get passed around April 1 or later. Whether or not this plan is included in the final version is to be seen.

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Some updated figures and an agenda on UAlbany Day



A major issue that will be addressed at the event is the “erosion of state aid,” said Vincent Delio, UAlbany chief of staff.

The amount of state aid given to the university has not changed much over the past twenty years.

The current amount of state aid for the university is both outdated and insufficient, According to data compiled by


UAlbany President George Philip’s office. State aid in 1989 was $78.8 million, and today it’s $79 million. This amount is insufficient to cope with inflation and a series of salary increases over the past twenty years, Delio said.


“Essentially, if you take those 1989 dollars and equate them to 2009 dollars, you would have $130 million,” Delio said.

“We’re $50 million in the hole to start with,” Phillip said. “In 1989 about 43 percent of our operating budget came from state assistance. Today, under 16 percent of our operating budget comes from state assistance.”


Tuition increases add to financial burdens for families. Last spring, SUNY tuition increased by $620 annually.


16% of the operating budget and all the power. Amazing.

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