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I know the UA fanbase was talking about the home & home. It would be a easy road trip for syracuse.

Are teams required to play a certain amount of away games due to ncaa rules?

Same as basketball. Hopkins plays 7 home games, two neutral-site games, 'road' games where they travel all the way to Towson, College Park MD, and Newark DE, plus at Syracuse and Army. Syracuse plays nine home games, road games at Princeton and Villanova (a Big East game) and four neutral-sites (three of them BE).

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I watched the game on tw3. Syracuse is very very good offensively. Nothing we did slowed them down. I thought Cathers made some nice saves , but our defense could not help him much; SU offense just too good. When we got behind and opened up our offense I thought we did well; but because we are trying to maintain long possessions to keep the ball out of the other teams hands/poles, we seem very offensively conservative. When we start playing lesser opponents and if Scott opens up the offense, it is going to be scary. I think this team has a lot of fire power, which has not been unleashed yet (for good reason--too help the defense and maintain long possesions); but when it get's turned loose--look out.


Now, we were not going to win this anyway, but the ref's in the dome are noted for being on SU's payroll. A glaring example yesterday--after Johnson's first goal (I beleive) the defender who he beat, totaly blasted him on his next possession leaving him dazed on the field, hardly able to get up. Of course there was no penalty called; the announcers even joked how the SU defender was paying Johnson back for getting beat. They raved about what a great hit it was and the defender was indeed sending a message. Not more than a few minutes later an Albany player got called for an "unnessary roughness penalty" for a hit no where near as violent as the one applied to Johnson. In announcing the call to the press box, the ref was gesturing wildly as if the UA player had taken out a gun and shot the SU guy.


Anyhow, in spite of the whooping, I think UA lacrosse is back and I am still very confident about the rest of the season.

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I totally agree with you that UAlbany lacrosse is back. And with the additional of next year's class, nice!

And the women keep getting better!


I don't feel bad about that lose whatsoever. 2 days of rest, losing starters Rocky, Brian, & Derek, going on the road, and playing the #1 in the nation....


I was pleased to see some of the normal, non-starting freshmen come in, play fairly well, and score some goals. Needless to say, Ty & Miles impress as freshmen, and I'm even more excited about Resetarits continued growth.


We've got a week to heal, although we don't need to force the recovery of injuries just to play Marist.

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Which do we think will happen first?


1) Syracuse MLAX plays at John Fallon Field


2) Siena MBB plays in the SEFCU Arena


I ask with a bit of jest/annoyance..but I guess it still is a bit of a serious question.


I'll opt for #2 because I think Syracuse MLAX should always remain a competitive program.

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