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Biggest Week in UA Football History (vs. SHU)

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And I offered one of NYS' top lobbyists (and Hillary Clinton, potentially) to help with the Stadium efforts...gratis...only to be rebuked.


They simply don't get it at times. That said, I highly doubt my offer made it to GP's desk...I would think he would have at least listened.

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That is sad, or pathetic, especially if people reach out in voluntary scenerios.

There's never really been a real booster for UAlbany, has there?


Anyhow, I could give a rats patunia about naysayers or what their reaction might be, win or lose.

Winning is the best remedy. Keep winning and growing the stature of our athletic programs.

If they aren't rewarded, then New York is, in my opinion, laughable.


The University has gotten its billions of dollars over its existence, all applied to academics. A

university's stature is immensely boosted by its athletic competitiveness, and only strengthens

the university by attractiving brighter students, local support, and higher quality professors.

Unfortunately, this university has failed in a large way... for no other reason than not recognizing this

important fact.

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That is sad, or pathetic, especially if people reach out in voluntary scenerios.


Being paid and/or working off commission =/= Volunteering


I know I periodically receive emails informing me of UAlbany volunteer opportunities..looks like there are plenty of options on the alumni site: http://www.albany.edu/alumni/volunteeropportunities.php

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Being paid and/or working off commission =/= Volunteering




D96 stated he offered free help (gratis), only to be turned away...

I'm specifically refering to help for the stadium effort.


I believe he said he knew people who could potentially offer help. Either way..I was referring to previous posts in the thread re: working for the university (marketing/fundraising/etc.).

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What i said was clear...I offered nearly a 1/4 million dollars worth of lobbyist to see if we can push our effort for a Stadium through. The lobbyist is a big time lobbyist. Further, when Hillary was still very closely tied to the State, I could have gotten her on board as well. My company lobbyist, who is a personal friend, was the number 1 fundraiser for the Clintons in Florida. He is also one of the Chief Strategists for the DGA (irony, i am an independent and fiscal conservative...but I get along very well with the guy).


He offered me all of those connections for the University, again...GRATIS. I was told, and I quote, "The school has a lobbyist."


Very effective one, clearly.

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I'm now watching someone's computer screen. Seems to be an issue with the company that runs the stream.


Edit: just heard someone say that they are going to shut it down and start it up again. At least we know they are working on it.

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