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Track won the league every year with no good facilities.  Now we have a good outdoor facility.  Based upon results I guess we need somewhere to practice.  If SEFCU renovation eliminates current indoor track, we'll need something.

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4 hours ago, Clickclack said:

Saw it a while back, that space...it looks very dingy and dated...I'm assuming to properly renovated it would be big money. 

I thought it was just speculation on someone's part?????? I do not remember reading anything remotely official concerning the poll??? Brutus are you out there? HELP!

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On 5/16/2018 at 6:40 PM, Dane96 said:

Please. This is nothing.  The football stadium at Jax is a joke and they have zero facilities for Lax.  So they are getting offices and lockerrooms?  Not earth shattering.  

Doesnt move the needle at all and we are not getting a box arena.  

We need SEFCU renovated and an indoor practice facility, followed by the end zone facility for Football, which clears a ton of space to add sq footage for sports like lax.

Kids will come to Albany for the tuition, Scott Marr, the style of play, playing in a stadium...and (can’t believe we can say this) playing in front of some of the best and largest fan bases in the nation. Not because of a lax only field house

IMHO we will need something like this in the future.  Just another thing to take the pressure off the coaches' need to find those overlooked diamonds from around the country.  When lax expands significantly out west (and it will) they will also have the facilities to go along with those new programs.  It will be much more difficult to find those kids from Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Cali.  IMO you can't discount the effect on recruiting a lax facility would have. Imagine walking a recruit into a building with a giant UAlbany logo on the floor with the Teewarraton Trophy (& hopefully National Championship trophy)  prominently displayed, a wall covered with a blown up picture of Casey Stadium from the UNC game,  a display case full of conference championship trophies, and listing of conference/nation awards & record holders.  Yes, kids will come for coach Marr (I wish I could go back in time and play for him), the style of play, etc., but i'm afraid that it will not be enough in the future with the rapid expanse of the sport.

By "arena" I meant a large room to put up some dasher boards and maybe a few seats.  Not a full blown SEFCU type arena nor a lax only field house.

It is my understanding the SEFCU reno will happen in the near future and obviously a field house is a much higher priority.   Maybe the PE reno with more room for lax will negate the need for a lax facility. Put some dasher boards over the filled in pool.  I know the surrounding lax communities would definitely use (rent) it.

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The #1 recruiting handicap UA faces in lacrosse is the lack of an indoor training/playing facility. Syracuse has had a man-up for years in the dome. Notre Dame has had one for several years now; Ohio State for two. Villanova (or maybe it was Georgetown) won their first there games this year and playing inside in February was heavily credited for the victories. For years Syracuse was credited with recruiting top players because of the perception of their history and dominance; which is certainly true, but the dome was OFTEN the piece that allowed them to close the deal.

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On the other hand, UA practices in cold, rain and crap weather, so when they play in cold, rainy or crappy weather it’s no big deal. Not to say an indoor facility would not be nice. 

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Times-Union reported yesterday the steelwork of ETEC is complete https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Steel-construction-done-on-UAlbany-s-huge-ETEC-13689944.php#photo-17072995

Construction on the steel structure of University at Albany's new Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurship Complex (ETEC) is complete — less than a year after ground was broken. The final steel beam was placed Feb. 14.

The $180 million facility on on the Harriman Campus will be the largest instructional building on UAlbany's Uptown Campus. It will include classrooms, research labs, an emergency preparedness situation room, weather map and observation facilities, business and technology transfer offices and conference facilities.

A vast geothermal well field on the site will  reduce heating and cooling costs as well as the reliance on fossil fuels, according to the university.


Time lapse of construction


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