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On 7/7/2022 at 10:53 PM, Dane96 said:

Sadly, the Hawaii game will be played on campus in Chang Stadium.  The bill to build the new Aloha stadium won't be signed for a few more weeks, with construction beginning early 2023 and completed in 2026.  Bummer from game perspectives, however Hawaii is Hawaii...just a great visit.  


On 7/8/2022 at 9:09 PM, bob87 said:

It might be a little more difficult to get tickets ( I was planning on seeing Stanford as well) but it is easier to get to campus than it is to get to the former aloha stadium. I will make do :)


Regents approve $30M Ching Athletics Complex expansion to 17,000 capacity to be finished by next Sept., so it should be easier to get seats.

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11 minutes ago, B9j2j6s said:

This might be a dumb question but could we raise 30 million by doing something similar?  That would build the bubble and football building. It would costing the average students $441 per year over four years (30,000,000/17000 students/4 years).

I assume we don't have $50M in covid money like UH will use

"The $30 million will come from UH‘s Tuition and Fees Special Funds (TFSF), but the costs may be offset by $50 million funding through federal pandemic relief acts. Though the federal COVID money cannot be used directly for capital projects, it will provide the university the flexibility to use TFSF for the project, “without any negative impact on UH Mānoa campus finances and outlook,” according to the memo from the university to the board proposing the project."

Puts them right with Brett Favre and the Southern Miss volleyball arena

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As a more recent former student, I'm all for tacking on 500 bucks to one years tuition to help fund major projects like this. Problem is it gets into hot water cause not every student is pro sports. Then again, I had to pay some pretty BS fees at HVCC and Albany over the years that didn't benefit me...so maybe not? 

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2 hours ago, UAalum72 said:

Anybody not busy on Xmas Eve, you can get a look at Ching Stadium (where we'll play next September) at the Hawai'i Bowl, 8:00 on ESPN (Middle Tennessee St. vs. San Diego St.)

Thank you for the reminder. Need to start planning this trip. Is 9/2 still the date of the game? Looks like roundtrip flights from Tampa to Honolulu for a week (8/28-9/4) for two is around $1,300. From Albany, it's like $2,000 (so you likely need to look at BOS, JFK, EWR, LGA, etc. for this type of trip).

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1 hour ago, bob87 said:

2024 Cornell football schedule released. 

Albany at Cornell October 5, 2024

Hopefully the result and the weather will be better this time as the Great Danes lost and a heavy rain fell for at least part of the time.  The stay at the B & B was a great memory. 

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