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Flashback to the game...

VCU is up by three, Albany with the ball in their corner. A three-pointer is taken, but the camera is on the VCU bench.


Nearly every time UAlbany was bringing the ball up court, the camera was on the crowd. I missed half of every possession because of this.


And I would also say that the bias of both announcers was very strong.

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And I would also say that the bias of both announcers was very strong.





It's all an opinion, but I disagree with you on the announcers, at least from the audio perspective. The main guy was very professional, in my estimation. He knew the opposition, and he tried to be impartial.


The other guy was not so partial. He kept using the word "we," for example. His bias really detracted from an otherwise very good broadcast. I'm not sure we would have put on such a professional broadcast. We have a year, though, to put it together.


You brought up a very good point about where the cameras were pointing. That tactic is very poor. The game was very exciting, especially at the end, and the focus should have been on the ball.


In any case, the main focus of this thread should be on the great effort of the team. They put on such a great show!

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Fun atmosphere at the pub tonight. I think there was more people there than some games at the RACC during the lean years.


I haven't seen any final stats tonight but Jamar had to have near 30. It was good to see a pretty good CAA backcourt unable to stop him. The last I saw he was outscoring George by a couple of points in the "star watch."


I liked the more aggressive Lillis early in the game. He seemed intent on driving to the hoop-hopefully we see more of that.


Go Vermont! (into three or four overtimes tomorrow)

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Nice game - even indefeat:


1. Tough to ask Jamar to go at that pace for 40 minutes. Not just scoring, but all the ball handling as well.


2. Brent had a nice game - glad to see him take some 10 to 12 foot shots.


3. I liked Brian's aggressiveness in the first half.


4. Tough to win in that environment against a very good team while committing 20 turnovers.


5. Was anyone else wondering why Siggers wasn't in the game down the stretch. I do think that that 3 of his 4 shot attempts were blocked - not sure if that's why. Would like to have seen him in the game with Jamar, Brent and Iati to look for the game tying three down the stretch.



I hope they get enough rest on the 500 mile bus ride home (I thought they'd fly but TU says bus ride) and get ready for Vermont on Monday.

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Two things about the game really bugged me.....


1. Isn't it bad enough that the AE officials are terrible in general, do they have to go in front of a national audience and screw their own conference.



2. The one that got away - Times-Union


I am really tired of the TU bull***t


How can a reporter heap the blame on Jamar when he carried us for most of the game and a good part of the season.


When they write about the other DI program from the suburbs, it always seems the "glass is half full"


When the write about the Danes the "Glass is half empty".


I'm considering cancelling my subscription.


How would you like to be Jamar play your butt off for 40 minutes and then the next day read how you hurt your team.


There were plenty of other solid story lines that could have been featured in the article.

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It wasn't a TU writer was it.  They probably just wanted an article.  I haven't read the paperyet.  Didn't Singalais write one?



For a fair appraisal of the game, I looked in vain through the Richmond Times-Dispatch for a report. I could not come up with anything. Was the game so boring to the people in the Richmond area that nobody could/would write about it?

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The reporter was a "guest reporter" or "frequent contributor". I think by the tone of his reports he is normally assigned to obituaries. The team was 15 or 17 from the line. Jamar did miss 1 of 2 at one point but it in no way had an impact on the game. We lost by 3 and the free throw was only worth 1. Sports writers no longer exist. They are all edtorialists who don't hear or see the game but write stories on info from wire services.

The TU should be happy the area has a nationally recognized team and should promote rather dump on it. Bring back the Knickerbocher News!!

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