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Siena Tony - at his double talking best

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Siena Tony is just the most amusing fool around he speaks out of both sides of his mouth and thinks no one can counter his non sense.


Lets call a spade a spade here, the Gillford is not rated in the top 1000 players by hoopscoop. He avg like 12 points a game in a crappy Missouri league.  I don't wanna hear about no shot clock, he was not dominant.  Albany took a chance  on this kid, maybe he works out maybe he doesn’t he is far and I mean far from a lock.. Albany fans all gushed about Dyson also... and we all know how that worked out


Albany has some big question marks next season losing Zo, Lu and Levine  (  3 of their best 5 or 6 players)  Since Albany has trouble recruiting quality kids from the east ( given their low stature) Will Brown took chances on unknown kids and JuCo’s, if it doesn't work out  Albany will take a step backward this season - Tony


Tony uses Hoopscoop when it benefits his train of thought, Lets look at the top recruiting classes per Tony's Hoopscoop


71.    ALBANY (14 Points)..........5 Recruits..........2.6 Talent Rating Average Per Recruit..........America East Conference..........(3) Brett Gifford, 6'11, C, Rock Bridge (H.S.) MO; (3) Mike Yocum, 6'8, C, Merion Station (Episcopal Academy) PA; (3) Carl Ross, 6'4, 2G, San Joaquin Delta (JC) CA; (3) Michael Knight, 6'3, 2G, St. Petersburg (JC) FL; (2) Reid Anderson, 6'5, 2G, Lakewood (St. Edwards) OH.


129.    SIENA (9 Points)..........4 Recruits..........2.3 Talent Rating Average Per Recruit..........Metro Atlantic Conference..........(3) Edwin Ubiles, 6'6, WF, Oakdale (St. Thomas More) CT; (2) James Carr, 6'10, C, Bronx (Wings) NY; (2) Alex Franklin, 6'5, WF, Reading (Central Catholic) PA; (2) Ronald Moore, 6'0, PG, Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth Whitemarsh) PA.


Now realize Siena's Magee is not listed yeth he'll be either a tow or a three.


At this time UA has 5 recruits for 14points or 2.8 avg per recruit (not the 2.6 stated). Hoopscoop has a problem with simple math too, Siena avg 2.3 per recruit.


But it appears [b}Hoopscoop rates FOUR (4) UA recruits as threes (including Gifford) [/b]and only ONE Siena recruit rates a three.


Tony eat your Hoopscoop words - Coach Brown recruits good players where ever he can find them.


Therefore Gifford, Yocum, Ross and Knight are rated at the same level as the world top Siena recruit.

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Given Albany's low stature and can't recruit in the east, are u kidding me?


To add on to our analysis of Mr. T's logic, let’s see where this year’s recruits come from. Here is a geography lesson to him and Siena Fan's.


Recruit One Mike Yocum (Philiadalphia). Last time I checked that’s in the east. Now you can look at him and say he was the third on his team in points, and say he seems like a scrub or stiff, but when the two people in front of him are going to Duke and UNC. HMMMM that doesn’t sound much like a scrub to me, and he lead his team in rebounds and blocks I think that takes the stiffness out of the picture.


Recruit Two Michael Knight (Florida) In my book and on a map that’s playing in the east as well, and to take it a step further he has played in the North East before playing in the AE (UMBC). During his first stint in the AE he was a Rookie of the week recipient. Keep in mind this was when our conference was stronger then it was this past season. Mr. T Just because someone goes to a JUCO doesn’t mean he is weak. Both of our JUCO players already competed on the DI level, and perhaps there first school wasn't the right fit or there was a coaching change, there are a lot of reasons people transfer so don't judge a book by it's cover.


Now Tony there is the proof that we do recruit well from the east 40% of our class is from the east.


Now as for the Midwest players (Gifford and Ried) and our player from the west (Ross) we recruit across the whole country to find the players that best fit our system. That’s what it all comes down to Coach Brown is looking for those types of players that can play different roles. In his mind all of his recruits can do this, and Gifford despite having low numbers this year he fits the need of big space eater the way Zoe was. Also to add on to his stats its hard to attack anyone who was still a First team all state player, this includes players from St. Louis and Kansas City.


I think our recruiting classes show that we are better known across the country then Siena is. Having the name Albany and being associated with the capital of New York helps; our recent success in the NCAA's has increased our exposure as well; and being known as a more selective, and more well known institution in many fields then Siena also helps with our recruiting. To build on one of my points in regards to the recent NCAA success, in a recent article that is posted on this sight, Dr. McElroy points out that our final recruit Ross was most likely going to attend Nebraska which is a higher profile school than UA. But because of our performance in the NCAA's we were able to recruit him. I think that says a lot about our growth as a nationally known basketball program.


Now I'm sure some Siena posters are going to be up in arms over this post, saying how could you say that Albany is better known then Siena across the nation. Well the proof is in the pudding looking at our rosters, you have no recruits outside of the east except for two international players. Albany on the other hand has players from all across the country, and this past year we had Zoe.


So in closing I would like Siena, Albany, and every other fan who views this site to ask themselves a question. Is it better to have a strong profile in one region of the country, or is it better to be known across the entire nation?

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NYR - That would be fine but Bing and most other AE schools and/or other DI schools in general have some common sense and logic - with Siena it's anal sensitivity from sitting too long on their brains.


It's amazing how great they are in their own minds. Since the turn of the century(the 00/01 season) they have been mediocre at best in their conference.


They are even considered a joke on the MAAC board and the sMAAC board.


Hey, I find it fun to read their site and joke about it here but I'd much rather talk serious sports but they are just so condescending and such easy targets.


Who is hosting the prestigious MAAC/ESPN exempt event - Marist not the "Crown Jewel".


The MAAC/Siena exempt event - couldn't get 8 teams - couldn't get 6 teams - they couldn't even get one team other then themselves to commit. Just imagine if they didn't have all the inherent advantages that they have - like a great fan base, the Pepsi and a tremendous tradition.


But, I am sure they'll fill the house for NJIT with a crowd that is so noiseless you'll be able to hear the ball bounce in that 1/3 filled echo chamber.


It's summer and until football and the other fall sports start up there is little to talk about except our obnoxious neighbors in the suburbs.

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Hopefully nobody here gets too upset about this stuff. One of the prices of post-season sucess is going to be be people who are jealous of it taking cheap shots at us. :D


I'm surprised at the shot on Yocum's size since ST has to know we've all seen him at the RACC, Bing and Philly.

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Guys, I hope you don't take Tony and the people on the Siena board too seriously.


Read their site for its comical aspects. remember the Saint Fans are very frustrated being a middle of the pack MAAC team when they think they should be the "Crown Jewel of the MAAC or the Gonzaga of the East".


And whatever Siena Tony says or states take it with a grain of salt, he love his Saints so much that he'll bend the truth and preach to the uninformed with half truths and some outright lies like Yocum is 6'6".


He continually uses Hoopscoop to substantiate his info and when Hoopscoop proves him wrong he knocks the site.


We play Siena once a year and it's never at the RACC so it's always a road game.


They'll play NJIT at NJIT but won't dare come to the RACC.

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I'm sure he visited the campus a few times.


I'd love to hear him explain his relationship(s) at/with the college. That would truly be a fun read.


He couldn't have taken Logic.


Business and finance are definitely out, for obvious reasons, right D96.


I doubt he majored in english.


Isn't it a "PRIVATE" Liberal Arts College?????????


Maybe one of our Siena voyeurs could tell us his story and explain Tony's relationship(s) at Siena College.


To be continued "As Tony's World Turns" PartII coming soon to a local theatre in Loudonville.


Hey, actually Tony's fine - it doesn't matter if he went to Siena or not. He's a loyal Siena fan who likes to stir things up and cause a commotion. I take what he says with a grain of salt and I appreciate that he's passionate about his saints.

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Wasn't Kenny Adeleke a transfer to Hartford?


KA was a division I transfer (Hofstra); Tony is specifically talking about junior college transfers. I suppose if Josh Duell had gone from UVM to JC to Albany that wouldn't have counted, but I"m sure he'll be a PTPer at the TUC.

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Wasn't Kenny Adeleke a transfer to Hartford?


KA was a division I transfer (Hofstra); Tony is specifically talking about junior college transfers. I suppose if Josh Duell had gone from UVM to JC to Albany that wouldn't have counted, but I"m sure he'll be a PTPer at the TUC.



Duell will be more of a fixture at the TUC consession stands more likely.

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