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Shame on some of us!!!


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Vermont won this game end of story.


Posters on this site have now sunk to the level of other on more established team sites.


It's ridiculous to blame a player or a coach for this loss. When certain players are making plays or shots and we win it's great when the miss or commit turnovers we vent at them, that's childish.


Nobody tonight tried to screw up it just didn't go our way. If I were a Great Dane player I wouldn't put much faith in the support I hear on this site from some so called Great Dane fans.


Every player and every coach was trying their best to win, if they made mistakes or errors is judgement so be it they were definitely trying their best.


Just so the experts know we shot a better FG%, a better 3ptFG%, had less turnovers and more assists and came up 4 points short.


Kudos to UVM for a solid victory

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totoally agree we should not be using the board to bash players...


I said at the end of the broadcast today that its a tough loss, but the Great Danes fans have been through tons worse.


Its one loss. Lets get over it

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It was a great game and a great atmosphere. We started buying seasons tickets when UA went Division I just for this type of atmosphere. Even though I played at Albany in more than 100 games many, many years ago---I can guarantee you no one or two plays ever lost a game, no one or two players ever lost the game and no coach ever lost the game. The TEAM wins and loses to other teams.

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Well said all. No need to bash the players. If anything, the biggest dissapointment was the lack of enthusiasm in the stands (aside from the students). Lets get behind our boys on the 25th and send Jamar and Jason out with class. The same class that they have shown throughout there time at UA. Lets pack the place and and stay with our guys the whole game. Don't walk out with a minute to go to beat the five minutes of traffic. Don't let our guys run off the court without any applause, they feel bad as it is. The biggest problem with people in this area is the propensity to back off when a local team loses. Either back UA 100% or go home, simple as that.Sorry about the rant

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I feel the same way. At the end of this game when the students were yelling "get up" I did and everyone around me did. But then they sat back down...while the Vermont fans continued to stand throughout play. I wanted to keep standing but would've felt really strange. I regret not doing so now though and next time it happens, I'm gonna stand up and see if people follow my lead.


I remember when we played the loudonville team EVERYONE in the arena was on their feet. Well, being that this was a conference game it is even more important than that was...so everyone should've been on their feet this time too.

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You guys have a great team and great support. I know that it's hard to swallow an important conference loss at home......but Vermont ain't chopped liver. If we can keep up this quality of play on the men's side, and get a few other programs to the level of Albany and Vermont then this league has some very good days ahead of it. You may have lost a couple of battles to the Catamounts, but the war in Boston (and possibly Burlington) has yet to be fought.

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You guys have a great team and great support. I know that it's hard to swallow an important conference loss at home......but Vermont ain't chopped liver. If we can keep up this quality of play on the men's side, and get a few other programs to the level of Albany and Vermont then this league has some very good days ahead of it. You may have lost a couple of battles to the Catamounts, but the war in Boston (and possibly Burlington) has yet to be fought.




Thanks for your sentiments. At least somebody in the AE beat the Catamounts and did so on their own turf. Congratulations! I hope your team members remember that victory for a long time.

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Well said Patch... it's funny that a four point loss brings out such defeatist attitudes among the same fans who would pronounce a four point win against VT one of the best and most intense games. Both teams played tremendous defense; we missed shots, as did they- VT just missed two less. Another great game all around; now onto the next.

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MJ: Absolutely, "props" to Maine for getting that victory earlier this year in Burlington. That was a great win.


As far as "standing up" and making some noise, I think I am in agreement with the post above about just standing up next time and to heck with the people behind me. They can stand up as well. It's a college basketball game at UA! Like I said, I would love to stand the whole game but for the people who sit behind me. We should all be on our feet supporting the team for the whole game! We are defined, IMHO, as fans when we are behind and the game is rough, not when we are up 10 points. As far as standing, I just feel bad about the people behind me, so I sit down when they sit down.


What we can do now is pack the house and make some noise against Boston University. Let's not forget that B.U. has historically owned us, save last season and 1 game this year. Wasn't last year the first time we beat them?


And now time for some good news: If I'm reading the standings correctly, our magic number to lock up the #2 seed in the tournament is 1. This is exciting!! So, either a Boston University loss or a UAlbany win guarantees us that #2 seed. We are 11-3, with 2 games remaining, and Boston Unviersity is 7-5 with 4 games remaining. B.U. is incapable of going 12-4, so that's how 1 win locks up second place for us. Even if we lose are last two, and go 11-5, this would require Boston to win their last 4 (including the one against us), so 1 loss by Boston also locks up the #2 seed for us. If we lost our last 2, and B.U. won their last 4, we would still be tied with B.U., but I'm not sure whether we or Boston would get the #2 seed nod in that event.

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Obviously, a very disappointing result today. The offense really stagnated in the last 5 minutes. All credit to Vermont. They hit their foul shots down the stretch. Trimboli is a very solid player.


I liked the way Will went over to Iati on the bench after the consecutive turnover sequence.



The students were tremendous today. Their positive energy made for a great college hoop atmosphere.

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Honestly, I have been disgusted for quite awhile regarding posts on this board. It is real easy to second guess (we all do it). My biggest problem is with those who THINK THEY KNOW HOOPS...but couldnt break down a game if their lives, heck, if their lunch depended on it.




I sat near Mr. and Mrs. Brown, and above Alum73 and the look on our faces was about the same: EXHAUSTION, FRUSTRATION, AND FLABBERGASTED.


Look, we lost a game but the season isnt over. In fact, as one of the above people put it: WE HAVE TO GET THE PATRICK MONKEY OFF OUR BACK SOMETIME...why not now.


Big deal...our BOYS LOST....think about how they feel. It isnt the end of the world. That game wasnt helping anyone for an AT-large bid (though I think both teams deserve to go to the tourney).


As for the game itself, here are some notables:


IATI: yes, he turned the ball over...yes, it swung the game....but he is a kid who made a mistake...it happens. How about the way he PLAYED BEFORE THAT. He was guarding much bigger guys and doing a decent job (there was only one sub he played against that was near his height). That guy has won more of his share of games for us. WHY DONT WE TALK ABOUT HOW A 5'9 guy jumped about three feet in the air to steal that easy breakaway.


Gifford: Any idiot who says this kid doesnt belong...just leave the board now (YES...YOU PEOPLE RIPPING HIM BEFORE THE GAME). That kid plays his heart out and is SLOWLY getting back into it. He played Holm so well (with Connelly as well) that Holm got frustrated. Believe me...Holms last shot...was LUCK and HARD WORK FOR HIM. We couldnt have defended him much better.


While on big men....Klimes started out nuts...finsihed well, but we did shut him down for a bit.


Connelly: WOW...he showed some awesome moves (though he telegraphed the final two) and I liked that he had the confidence to shoot after missing two in a row. He nailed that 15 footer from the top of the circle.


For the most part, two guys who have been more than solid had so-so games. B. Wilson and Siggers had off games and it hurt us...but UVM also keyed on these two guys it seemed. Again, kids....cant be on every game!!!


Reid Anderson- Once this kid bulks up...he is going to be a player. I want to see his offense. I like his frame...and the way he moves without the ball.


Ross- Not much from him today. I hope he has the confidence to drive more...we need that.


LILLIS- Kid is incredible...period. He played well until that sloppy pass at the end (actually two) when Iati missed the layup. I am still shocked Iati got to that ball...it was SO FAR AHEAD OF HIM. He never had a chance to get proper speed.


Look, this game was hard fought and physical. Our offense lagged a bit at times....and we still were in that game. UVM got a lot of balls bouncing their way, unlike UA which seemed to be in the wrong place...by LUCK.



WILL BROWN: Please people...that guy coached his ASS off. First off, his use of timeouts at the end was magnificent. Second, HE HAD TO SUBSTITUTE LILLIS OUT (the Iati turnovers) The kid was sucking wind. There was 4:30 something on the clock and WE NEEDED LILLIS TO GET A BLOW so he could come back strong. Additionally, IATI had played VERY WELL up to that point. He had a good game plan...the kids played to that game plan...and we lost....it happens. We didnt lose to UNH, SBU, or whomever. WE LOST TO the 90+ ranked team.


Now, all that being said...and I would say more but others who understand hoops have stated what needs to be stated, let me comment on the following.


FANS: THAT ARENA ROCKED ALL GAME. SO some fans were sitting..BIG DEAL. No one...and I mean NO ONE...including Binghamton...gets as loud as the CUE. I have been to a game at every arena sans Hartford. NOTHING COMES CLOSE.

At least those leaving....stand up top to watch the final.


REFS: Look, we didnt lose because of refs, however until about 10 to go, Trimboli was a tongue away from making out with our guards. It was ridiculous. THE LEAGUE SHOULD BE ASHAMED. I have kept my mouth shut for the most part, but honestly....someone forgot to tell the refs that HAND CHECKING WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CRACKED DOWN ON SINCE 2005.


Look, I dont blame UVM...if the refs are going to let it go....than play that way. BUT IT TAKES AWAY FROM THE GAME...much like a trap does to hockey.


To look up, in a home game, and see ALBANY GET INTO THE BONUS WITH 4 to go in the first...and NEVER in the second...while UVM is shooting double bonus shots....SOMETHING IS WRONG.


DANE96 out...gotta go send some resumes.


As Ali G says:


RESPECT! Respect Brown...and respect that team. They played tough.

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