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AE Media Day

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Danes were voted to finish sixth....as per this TU blog.


Anthony has a high ankle sprain that will take some time to heal.


Leaster is reporting that the preaseason all-conference team looks like this...


- Blakely

- Trimboli

- Lowe

- Green

- Zeglinski


I'm not sure what his source is as I can't seem to find any info on the AE site and Mark in his blog didn't mention it either.

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WOW...1000 all session passes have already been sold. Man...that is awesome! Sponsorship dollars are also at an all-time high. That is a remarkable job by our athletic dept.


Wow! That's a high number of tickets sold already. Somebody told me that the MAAC is hosting a similar tourney at the same time.

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Somebody told me that the MAAC is hosting a similar tourney at the same time.



"Mike Lonergan: “I think our league’s good. I think our league’s as good as the MAAC. I have no problem saying it. I just think it’s perception. We just don’t get the respect yet for whatever reason. I think we’ll be right there with them this year, no problem.”"


(just in case the trolls didn't see this on the AE forum or in the TU blog)


though I think that's called damning with faint praise.

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Brown Feels Great Danes will be better - Gazette

Team in Transition - TU

Mayben - Troy Record

America East Hoop Coaches - Troy Record

Danes out to exceed - TU









Note to self: don't post before you've had coffee and you won't have to edit your posts.

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This is interesting about the polls: "'Polls don’t mean anything,' said UAlb­any head coach Will Brown. 'They were done a month ago, before all the recruiting. The poll was based on all the returning guys each team had. . . .'"


Certainly, the votes were collected prior to Harris receiving the waiver to play this year ...

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Preseason Polls never mean anything whether they are top 40 polls or league polls. All teams still have to prove it on the court. As one of the articles linked by DP stated the 2 teams in the AE championship game who also finished 1st and tied for second in the regular season were picked 5th and 6th last year.


There was a lot of good coverage in the media although they was too much mentioning the peer league the maac for my liking by officials. I mean it is in good fun that AE fans can mock the achievements of the maac compared to what the maac thinks they are. But I don't think the coaches and commissioners should be concerned about a league like that. This years conference tournament sold more tickets than any year since UA has been in the league at this time and the commissioner is concerned about when LCC is playing. If they can sell out the UA game and have good crowds for the other sessions, what difference does it make when the maac is playing.

Also I am not sure why Lonergan saw the need to go there with his quote. Maybe just because the question was asked by the media with the maac also competing for the Albany market. But, Anyone who has followed the league in the recent past knows the leagues have both been one bid leagues and have been close in the RPI with the leagues going back and forth as to who had the better RPI that season. I would expect the AE to be better this season , but they will have to prove it with the OOC games. With 7 of the 10 games vs maac teams this season at home, there is no reason they can't take care of business this season there and when all the games have been played the results will speak for themselves. If all goes as expected the AE will have a slightly better OOC winning percentage than the maac with a slightly higher strength of schedule.

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UAlbany men a team in transition



UAlbany's Brown loves BU (again); Brennan speaks bluntly



BU favored to win America East



BU basketball picked to finish ahead of Albany


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AmericaEast.com Interviews 5-6mins each. (As you can see I was bored tonight so I decided to do a little searching on youtube and I actually came up with a find!)
















There are no videos of Leibovitz or Herrion.


EDIT: Well apparently (as I was informed on the ae forum) they are on america east's website which I haven't bothered to go on since its crappy and never updates anyways...so I guess the other two coaches videos are on there if you care. Enjoy for those who hadn't seen them already.

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