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I agree...and am definitely to blame. He has fired up something in me that wont make me stop.


I will, however refrain from going back and forth with him because I am contributing to the problem. Don't leave my man!



Sure you won't , until someone else has a different opinion other than your own and you go flying off the handle like usual. Apparently I'm not the only one you've blown up at for having a different opinion and voicing it. Seems like you like to wild out on everyone who doesn't see things the same way you do..

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PM each other if there are issues, but I agree with the recent posters, this is 15 pages of a few people fighting with each other. This isn't the AE board where all threads were Binghamton vs. The Rest of the AE Conf. Disagreements are one thing, but this constant bickering between multiple posters is sneaking into all of the basketball threads and ruining them all. just my opinion...

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Great post MsGDG


I wonder what/who started this bickering we have had very little of it since Day 1 of BPF.


I haven't been here that long, and although I'm a season ticket holder, I don't frequent this board that much. What I did notice was that Big Dog or whatever his SN is these days got under peoples skin with the constant Brown bashing. THAT is how it all started.


I see this on many forums I'm on (car enthusiast forums mostly). There is a select bunch of individuals who LOVE to start crap. This is also known as trolling. It should not be tolerated on ANY forum. Unless the forum is called www.trollz.com or something.


And I agree with MsGDG...it does ruin the quality of the content in those/these respective forums/threads. At least it hasn't gotten so bad here where people are blatanly and hurtfully attacking each other.


I know most of you are grown men, and as a 22 year old, all I can say is....


GROW THE HELL UP! Buncha pansies...

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Apparently I picked the wrong day (or the right one) to not get a chance to read the board yesterday.


I don't blame you guys for finding the board unreadable recently. It has been.


One of the strengths of this board has been that people tend to post the way they talk to each other at the game and not hide behind anonymous handles to make obnoxious comments. There has been way too much of the latter lately.


One way or another lets have less drama and more basketball.

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