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@ Yale

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BTW when Harris and maybe one or two other guys on a break went up and missed a layup, did anyone think they should have slammed it instead, then double-clutched and thought "oh, like Tartt vs. CCSU"? It doesn't matter as long as the shooter makes up his mind and doesn't second-guess himself on the way up.


When Logan went in for that breakaway....I had an involuntary...OH OH!

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Thanks for the McRae information. I assumed his hamstring was tight because he was on the stationery. Look at the play by play, Mike Johnson did a much better job distributing, proven by the assist to turnover ratio. I am not discounting the traps and pressure, which were great. Mike Black was not strong enough to ball with Yale's guard defense, he had the ball ripped right from his hands during a rebound. He'll be better once he gets built up.


Now Black is not strong enough to penetrate, and that is much easier to defend. Johnson also changed by spreading the floor and is also a much smarter defender.


I would agree Black had a poor game on Sunday. I would disagree about his ability to penetrate. He may not be strong enough, but you can penetrate w/ quickness too. And in that department there is no comparision between the two.


I dunno. Johnson is QUICK with the dribble. He made a few quick crossovers yesterday.


Either way, Black went to the hoop A LOT against UNC...so he IS able to penetrate.

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Just signed up for this message board. This is my fifth year following Danes basketball. A couple of observations, the game changed around when Mike Johnson entered the game for Mike Black. Black had a hard time bringing up the ball against Yale and got pick pocketed at half court, which is a sign that Black is too inexperienced to be getting major minutes. The game turned around right when Johnson entered the game. Coach Will Brown's decision to take away starting time from Johnson is justified, given what I read. However, against the zone in the first half, Tim Ambrose and Will Harris pushing the ball up would have been a better formula, than the Mike Black. Black's 3 TO's to 2 assists over 19 minutes is an ugly statistic.


Billy Allen is a smart shooter, he doesn't just chuck it up. He gets the ball fakes if he is sealed out on, or if they bite on the fake, he either dribbles laterally or swings the ball. A consummate team player, he gets efficient shots. Sitting over by the bench and hearing Will Harris yell "Let it rain" when Allen got the ball on the corner, although sealed out on was due, in what was a sweet drained heat check.


Scotty McRae developed into a force. He used to be a little lost out on the floor, and Will Brown stuck with him. Whatever Will Brown saw in him, has surely come to fruition. Three offensive rebounds, 4-7 shooting, sank his free throws for 10 points, all in 11 minutes. He has adapted well to the defensive zone, playing a free safety role, picking good spots to help out on drives.


The zone and Tim Ambrose... people always complain about Ambrose, he allowed a back door cut, that Coach Brown was yelling out seconds before it happened and Ambrose was promptly benched. Besides a little sleepiness in zone, he had a great game. One turnover. Anytime you see Ambrose with only one turnover, and he played over twenty minutes, chances are the Danes won the game.


Don't know if my ramblings will be appreciated, surely could be edited. Let's go out and get Binghamton on Thursday!


Holy crap...a new poster who actually can dissect a game! Welcome aboard...and astute observations for the most part.

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A little stretching of facts for entertainment value. A foot of snow? Maybe in Vermont or the mountains but not in Albany. Why didn't he walk down the stairs if he wanted to be courtside? Or I could have shown him the elevator.


And why did he think the TUC "was packed to a diminished 8,000-seat capacity" for $-St. Joe when announced attendance was 6,081?

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Literary License? I guess he's writing historical fiction, loosely based upon the facts.



It certainly seems that way.


I laughed at this line about LCC.

"The fans were whipped into a Franciscan frenzy by tipoff,"


Except possibly when they are whining about the refs, their fans are known to be as quiet as people in morgues.

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