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vs. Cornell

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At Cornell is 3-4 with wins over Binghamton 76-61, Boston University 71-66 and Lehigh 81-79 in OT.


Live Game Stats:






Paid Video:



"Free" Video:


Hopefully it will be listed as we get closer to Saturday.(If you've never used it, ignore the "Yields Ad" that pops up, the video will come up in your browser. You have to wait like 30 secs for it to load)

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Looking forward to the Cornell game.


Two things we haven't done yet this year:

-win a close game

-win a road game


Chance to do both on Saturday but it won't be easy. Cornell has pretty good wins over BU and Lehigh, this is a good opportunity.

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Which has no impact on our game against Cornell on Saturday. If a Danes loss on the road by 4 to a team that most predictors had as a near toss up..our blown lead not withstanding..proves to be your one and only regret this season..then I think we'll be in good shape!


I'm pleased with the fact that..through the first month of the season..UAlbany has the best record in the conference and is the only team above .500.

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LCC gets drilled by a TERRIBLE Fordham team. Same Fordham team who lost to Monmouth by 15, of course we smacked Monmouth by 36. The LCC loss might turn out to be an embarrassing one if they win less then ten game (likely).


My one and only regret this season, wish we could have that one back.


That game is over. Our next oppenent has been good enough to do a couple of things LCC has not been able to do. Play in our building and play in the sweet 16. :lol:

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The game notes are up. I'm guessing since we have a new SID we have a new version of the game notes. Video links and Cornell's version of game notes are now included - nice!


I forgot this will be our chance to see woulda, shoulda - been Dane Galal Cancer. He's had a nice start to his career down there. Cornell doesn't have a player averaging double figures in scoring.

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Aside from spelling errors and missed verbiage....this is awesome. I LIKE!!!


It's basically what announcers get so they can give numbers during a game.



Somewhat OT, but related to the game notes entry on Watts: anyone else notice how Watts is just getting better and better? He seems to be a 3 that can handle the ball like a 1 or 2. I think he is very capable of being on the all-conference team (3rd team this season) if he was given enough playing time. Maybe it's just me, but I'm impressed with his ability to handle the ball and get in the lane.

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I like Watts alot but who do you sit Logan, Black or Suero all three of them have potential All AE abilities, too


Completely agree. Do you think this is the best bench that we've ever had?



Another good thing that I have noticed pertains to our big men. In the past, how many times did we see a ball swatted away while one of our big men was holding the ball (e.g., out on the perimeter or high post) looking to pass, etc.?


Our big men do a great job at holding the ball and not letting the ball get stolen or swatted away ("This is my [basketball]. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My [basketball] is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My [basketball], without me, is useless. Without my [basketball], I am useless. . . .").

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Being that it's a weekend game are there a lot of people planning to make the trip to Ithaca?


We'll be heading down. It will be nice heading down Rt 88 towards Vestal, then making a turn to head to Ithaca instead. Hopefully they'll be a good contingent down there so we can make some noise.



I agree UA MA about the big guys, Metcalf in particular. He's not flashy, maybe un-flashy but he's played well this year. I'd like to see him get the ball in little more.

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Aronhalt injury update....



AndrewSantillo Logan Aronhalt has a knee issue that may require offseason surgery

AndrewSantillo Aronhalt may have to sit out of more practices and just play in games due to right knee issue

AndrewSantillo Coach Brown says Aronhalts's injury is more tolerance of pain and shouldn't get worse unless there is a severe blow right to knee

AndrewSantillo Aronhalt has a knee issue called Osgood–Schlatter, which is actually somewhat common, also has some microfractures between tibia and patella





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Logan's had a tough few years at UA.


This team came out of the summer with a great deal of promise and has really been hit by the injury bug.


Puk has not come back from foot problems well and the got some type of skin infection that needed surgery.

Devlin has struggled getting back to form after back surgery.

Hooley who many thought was going to be a All Rookie selection is out for the year.

Now Logan can play if he can handle the pain and doersn't take a hard shot on his knee.


That's 4 of our top six.


With that said lets hope Black and Suero can carry the load, Guerrier provides some points and Logan can hang in there for the duration.

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