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vs. St. Francis (NY)


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So they outscored us by 4 in the second half. We won on the road by 12. I should feel better.


I was thinking the same thing.


I usually figure if we win the game AND the coach has something to get on his guys about that's a good outcome. Better than having something to work on after losing a game.

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I know I should be happy...this is our first road win of the season but I'm not. Greatfull that they finally woke up and started hitting some shots but what we saw today on the defensive end especially three point defense should never happen. Hey, offensive funks happen...sometimes you can try your best and still not make shots...on DEFENSE though you exude maximum effort ALL the time and it will more then likely pay off. We got beat today like a red-headed step child...they gutted us like a fish from three.


I'll take the W on the road but I feel like we lost.

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I guess you could take it as the Nichols kid had the game of his life and we still won by double digits.


Saturday in Ithaca was a crusher for me so I'm taking this win, warts and all.


If you want to see something fun, Cornell is leading Illinois in the second half. Go Big Red.

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I thought Aronhalt played huge...it was like a huge turd was plugging the hole as we couldn't score, finally the plunger worked, he hit a few shots and all of a sudden everyone started hitting again.


As one of the Dane faithful in Brooklyn Heights tonight, let me make a number of observations: while a small gym, it was a fun crowd and a fun environment; I guess an ugly win is better than an ugly loss but very disappointing that the Danes let St. Francis stay in the game; Suero is fun to watch on offense(a man amongst boys)but painful to watch on defense(he really has to try harder and learn positioning); the rest of their perimeter defense is brutal as well(can someone tell me when it became the norm to play D with your arms at your side instead of up high??); Aronhalt will be critical to this team's success as defenses collapse on Suero, thus opening the wings; Watts is starting to assert himself on both ends of the court and may be big for this team(he has great wingspan and can play D) - showing confidence; I have been thus far disappointed in Black's performance this season - as our PG, his assist to turnover ratio HAS to improve; coach really needs to make better adjustments; Tanner Gibson looks very promising - he is very intense, shows confidence on the offensive end and is a defensive machine - his intensity singlehandedly fired up the Danes bench(hence, being subbed in for Suero on defensive possesions in last 2 minutes); that said, I don't mean this in a mean-spirited way, but I don't see how Iati is getting playing time(he picks up his dribble under pressure, showing a lack of confidence, and players blow right by him when he is playing D) - Gibson should get the bulk of the minutes at backup PG, and Watts also did a nice job in limed time at PG(you don't want him handling PG too long, especially if the opponent has a tenacious PG forcing him to handle the ball).


if this team wants to win the conference, it HAS to play much better than they did tonight...for the first time in a few years, the talent and depth is there - but they must keep intensity throughout the game - especially when they have a lead.

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Brown making excuses for the comeback.


I actually think it's the other way around. He basically said we stunk it up for a bit...they are a bit better (I doubt that he would stretch Doc's words) than we thought...and Suero is far from being a polished player and leader.


Yes, I still think he needs to address three-point defense in his scheme.


I felt like he was overdoing the "this team is really good" part of the interview to try and cover up for the fact that they blew another 16 point lead but I understand where you are coming from. I thought the rest of the interview was good about Suero and Watts and playing poor D. I'm glad we won but these blown leads will catch up to us at the wrong time.

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We score 76 while going 8 minutes without scoring.


We gave up 64 points to a team that avg 64 ppg


We won by 12 on the road


We lost a heart breaker to Cornell and they just lost by 4 at #25 Illinois after leading most of the game.


Two of our better offensive perimeter guys are our poorest defenders, maybe we should sit them, concentrate more on "D", limit teams 3pfg shooting hold them to like 58-60ppg and score 54 and everyone will be happy.


Does the "D" have to get better OF COURSE but its nice to be able to put some point on the board too.


In the past if we went 8 minutes without scoring you could put a 40-50pt effort in our scoring column


We had another game where 4 guys scored in double figures.


We've won 4 of our last 6 - which is good but we should have a six game winning streak a putrid loss to $iena by 4 and an OT loss to Cornell both on the road.


Devlin is still coming back from Back Surgery and Puk is still trying to get into game shape. He was in a boot all summer and fall and then had to have his leg lanced a couple of weeks ago which set him back a bit. Peter Hooley was suppose to be a major contributor and he's out for the season.


To say this team is still a work in progress would be a gross understatement.

But I do agree with all of you who say our "D" has to get much better because you can't count on outscoring your opponents.

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My two cents on the last two games. Both Cornell (almost beat Illinois @ Ill) and St Francis (almost beat Seaton Hall @ Hall) are better teams than expected. Cornell streaming video $7.50 and awful, St F. free and not bad.


I agree with Patch and Pound and in spite of our defensive lapses, I prefer this team and style to some of the past lose games 50 to 48. I think we can score with anybody aka Syracuse (#1 in the country) and are 6-5 and could easily be 8-3 or even 9-2 at this point ($iena loss an absolute fluke and both Cornell and Mason winnable games).


I think Black has not been particularly impressive so far (especially ball handling and assist wise), Devlin and Puk still seem slowed by their injuries, Blake needs to cut down on fouls and make @ least 1/2 his foul shots, everyone needs to play better D (an understatement for sure), and coach needs to show some confidence in his bench--especially Watts, Jason and Gibson who have all shown signs of contributing but all seem to be hesitant @ times and are fearful of coach's quick pull. Yet win or lose, this team is much BETTER than recent past and certainly more exciting or at the very least more INTERESTING.

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