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It appears that the University at Albany athletics and FOX Sports 980 (WOFX) are parting ways after 12 years.


An announcement is expected to come either tomorrow or Friday that UAlbany football and men's basketball games will be carried by the college radio station WCDB-FM (90.9).


The games are expected to have a major presence on the school's athletic website, with audio and video.


"We're exploring all of our options," Charlie Voelker, associate athletic director of external affairs, said. "We should have a decision in the next couple of days."


FOX Sports 980 talkshow host and NBC13 (WNYT) sports director Rodger Wyland will continue his play-by-play role for the Great Danes.



A couple points I take from that:


1. Rodger will still be the play-by-play guy on the college station.

2. Danezone video will be synced with audio.

3. The university doesn't think Fox Sports 980 gives them anything they cannot produce themselves, especially considering they are getting an experienced play-by-play guy.


I think if they do it right, it can be great.

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Spot on!!!!


Hit all the points.


My real fear, all due respect to our former radio guys that are posters, is that we'd have a slightly unprofessional broadcast for this level. That said, I still am not a huge fan of the way Rodger calls games. It's hokie and small time, however an improvement from what a college student GENERALLY could offer.

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The athletic department does not provide enough media coverage for other then football and basketball. In the event that the games will now be on the college station, will they do broadcast via the internet as well? How about boradcasts for other sports such as baseball, soccer and softball? This will further the visibility of our sports programs. Also, it would assist recruiting so that families of recruits from outside the Albany area would be able to hear the games. Live stats is nice but hearing play by play is better. There is no reason that most sporting events on campus can't be broadcast (audio at a minimum....video at best) via the internet. Our program is growing...now is the time!

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Not a huge fan of Roger's call as well but he's OK...Agree with D96, the production value on the college radio station could be a bit more sophisticated/mature if I can put it that way as the program continues to ascend up. Maybe this move can save us a bit of money, not sure how the financial side of this works.

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As a former sports director for WCDB, I love the plan...HOWEVER...


1) This takes away from students opportunity, especially those with dreams of covering sports on the radio and major events on campus from doing so. I hope they some how allow the students to play a roll in some way. Calling games for WCDB and traveling to the NCAA Tournament in not just basketball was a major part of my college experience that I will never forget.


2) The other issue is that this is def. a University move and not a move I feel made by the heads of WCDB. The major reason WCDB has had trouble attracting more to the sports and news department is because in the past the heads of WCDB have been in an all out war to destroy it. Craig Mroczka, myself and others worked very hard in the 2000's to build an amazing department that showed class and knowledge. However, after we left, the heads of WCDB had their way and destroyed much of what we had created. Jay Sanin had worked hard to build that back up.


We had worked to cover nearly every single game if we could. Directors tried stopping us and we fought.


3) I am wondering about advertisement revenue. WCDB usually does not play commercials, only PSA's and WCDB made commercials promoting shows and events. This should be interesting.


4) WCDB's signal is not strong. Is the university going to be increasing the signal? Go south of the New Baltimore Rest Stop and the signal is gone. Hopefully it gets improved.


I am looking forward to reading much more into this. I am happy for WCDB, but also have some questions and fears.

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While I understand that the plan calls for professionals to call the basketball games....it seems to me that there are many other opportunities for communication majors to get experience doing baseball or softball games. This has never occurred at the university as far as I can recall. Further, does the station broadcast over the internet??? Doing so would avail the station to access to iHeart or apps like that. I listened to games on 980 on iHeart on my iPhone this past year. While football and basketball are important in the overall scheme of UAlbany's sports programs.....where is the attention for the other sports????

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'87...wcdb does have online broadcasts. I remember parents of women's basketball loved it because, like you said, they could listen to games while others were not broadcasting it.


The issue is WCDB HATES sports (at least they hated it when I was there and as I know of). They wanted alternative music and little talk or Top 100 music as possible. If WCDB is broadcasting games, the coverage of other sports are dead, because there is no way the heads of WCDB are going to allow all those hours of broadcast of sports for those two sports and allow anything else. Which means there goes coverage of women's basketball, WHICH WCDB WAS THE EXCLUSIVE HOME FOR! There goes lacrosse coverage, which has been almost gone (for multiple reasons) since I left in 2007.


Again, it is a student run radio station. Jay Sanin got a job last year based on the work he did. If there is something with baseball and softball, there is nothing I have heard of when I left in 2007 or from others I know who ran the Sports Dept. since I left.


Again...I am very happy for WCDB. However, this takes a lot from students, which I am not for. WCDB made my college experience! I want others to have that experience.

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06....my point is....for the university and its sports programs to grow.....they need to start thinking about the whole program....all 19 sports not just a mere few. I know that might be a popular opinion on here but there are many great athletes that dont play basketball or football that go to and play for the university. And yes, being able to listen to the baseball games would be great for me.....

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