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Albany Law School


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Just a quick update. I bumped into an acquaintance who is on the joint committee engaged in the merger/ affiliation discussions. He asked me not to use his name as the discussions are sensitive. The discussions are progressing. It is likely to be an affiliation and see what the future brings.

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I have spoken with her twice about the discussions. She most definitely holds the view that a closer relationship with UAlbany is the way to go. She is not in favor of a full merger at this time but perhaps down the road. Albany Law has returned to a leadership model which made it very successful in the past. I and others believe that having a Dean who is an Albany Law graduate is wise. She has a strong emotional connection to the school. She has made Albany her home and unlike a lot of law school deans she does not appear to see this as a stepping stone to some place else. She knows the Albany scene well and can make things happen.


The big unknown is what Governor Cuomo thinks. He clearly has a position but it is being closely guarded. We all know that Mr. Cuomo can make things happen if he wants to. The question is, what does the Governor want.

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My guess is the "merger" (aka acquisition) will happen. ALS is on a pretty bad financial path and I doubt sincerely the state will give it any money as charity. Also by becoming part of Albany the tuition will drop to a level that will attract a LOT of students - student caliber will increase overnight.


I've also heard that Downstate Medical is very much "on the table" - which will be amazing. Assuming this happens, like Cornell we will have a medical school in NYC and maybe can use that campus for other programs, or blended programs.


Assuming all happens (yes this is a big assumption but the momentum is REALLY there), Albany will have a top-10 public policy school, a law school in the State capital, a med. school in NYC, and a new engineering school. The business school might also benefit from this activity. AAU will definitely be coming. Someone said is elsewhere - but the "odd man out" is Binghamton.

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Public policy......take it or leave it. Thank goodness for the Business school. We were on the move with the Nano.. but screw them now.

We are talking business with the engineering school.. and we will be rocking with the law school and medical school. Cherry on top would be to

merge with Alb Pharm

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We don't know what an affiliation would look like. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. If Albany Law agrees to a full merger it gains much. It would be substantially funded ny New York and be able to charge very attractive tuition. Presumably AL would have a larger pool of student applicants. The downside is that AL would lose its independence. It would have to negotiate its way through the bureaucratic jungle like every other state controlled agency. Let's face it, there is not a single state agency which isn't operating on a shoestring.

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My hope is that this is done sensibly and in careful coordination and steps to ensure both institutions thrive if this does become at some point merger. I understand we'll start with an affiliation and see how well it goes...if it goes well perhaps it makes sense to deepen the relationship.


If 5 years from now this turns into a merger through a gradual bonding of the two entities and in the process alleviates some of the fears expressed with an outright merger (loss of identity etc.) this is a HUGE coup for UAlbany and hopefully an equally huge positive development for Albany Law.


Hopefully a similar approach will be undertaken with Downstate Medical. If those two come under the UA umbrella over time plus the engineering school starting up we are EVERY bit the flagship that UB and SBU think only they are.


Just keep plugging away!

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SUNY Legal Fellowship at Albany Law School



A. All SUNY graduate and undergraduate students who are accepted for admission to Albany Law School for the fall 2015 will be offered a SUNY Legal Fellowship (SLF). Students must apply for, be accepted, and enroll at Albany Law School for fall 2015 to be eligible for this one-time offer.


B. All SLF Fellows will receive with their offer of admission a scholarship amounting to at $17,148 or more guaranteed for three years of law school, ensuring that SLF Fellows will pay no more than $26,100 per year.


C. All SLF Fellows will be invited to participate in exclusive 2015 spring and summer networking and educational opportunities. These exclusive sessions will provide special access to faculty, alumni, and student leaders committed to the professional success of SLF students.

Applicants are also eligible for merit scholarships. Recipients of a merit scholarship higher than $17,148 will receive only the merit scholarship.

For applicants choosing the four-year program, pro rata adjustments will be made to the scholarship.

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