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Will Brown

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NY Post's Paul Schwartz on Wyland today. Said Hurley is reupping at Buffalo for 600K, highest in the MAC, the extra money coming not from the state but from boosters. He had been heavily recruited by DePaul.


Not only is Will Brown not the highest paid coach in AE, the assistant's pay is in the bottom half of the league.


Will is meeting with Benson today, will be on Wyland's show at 11:05

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Where is this info about the assistant's coming from? While I personally believe that every single person on that staff should get a raise for their efforts.


As for Will, excluding Hartford (private), he is the second highest paid coach in the AE with respect to base salary. Irrespective of cost of living in LI or Albany, he should still be made the highest paid coach in the AE...period.


I hope that Benson presents a plan to him that gives him various choices between salary increases, incentives, assistant increases, and minor upgrades to SEFCU while Benson starts his mission to gut the SEFCU, which is something I hear he really wants to do. Give some short term fixes to the SEFCU that could carry over into the next arena, including a Video Scoreboard.

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And, I might add, that I think the idea of donors bucking up 5 years worth of cash to keep Will is a great one...and a solid move by Buffalo for Hurley. The question remains: What does Will want, a big salary bump or more $$ for the program to get upgrades to make us even more appealing to top tier recruits.


For both jobs he is in the running, the schools have serious flaws. Fordham is well known as a career killer, crappy facilities, a fan base that is delusional, and horrible executive leadership when it comes to sports. There have been serious rumblings that leadership and the Board is considering a move the PL.


George Mason had a nice "lightening in a bottle" run...however their fan base is even more delusional, the Patriot Center is a ghost town even in great years (they average about 800-1000 fans more than us, and their place is more than double the size of SEFCU, so it is cricket like in the building), and they too are a State school with a limited budget. They are 28 games over .500 in their history, and have had only three winning coaches in history, including a one year spell by Rick Barnes.


Not exactly historical success at either school.

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That is interesting about Hurley. Boosters/outside sources can play an important role in keeping good coaches at the mid-major level. Amaker reportedly gets close to $1 million to coach at Harvard, with the substantial majority of that coming from sources outside the men's basketball budget. I doubt there is that level of outside resources/commitment connected to the hoop program at UA, but maybe something can be cobbled together that works for all involved.



I'm sure Benson will do what he can to keep Will and reward him for the team's success. .

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Sounds like he's staying


Edit: For 96's sake... I'm just skipping the nonsense, and getting straight to the outcome.

Sounds like he will do more than his share to make things work and stay at UA. He wants to stay

and we have a AD that will make it happen.

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