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[FB] Game 10 - @ Delaware - 11/11 - 3:30PM

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Last Up: OT loss to SBU

Next Up: Delaware (5-3, 3-2 CAA), currently tied w/ Maine 17-17 half-way through the 3rd quarter


Local Radio: 104.5 FM

Another challenge. On the bright side, Brunson had a very nice game and the offensive line showed a little moxy against SBU so there's that. Delaware has had only one bad loss this season (18-17 to Towson who is more our speed), the other 2 losses were against Virginia Tech (obviously) and JMU (CAA juggernaut and king of our league IMO).

We've dropped 5 straight after a promising 3-1 start to the season. Ugh.

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Could easily have 7 wins so far. Disappointing.


Repost from the other thread:


6 total losses


3 losses by a total of 11 points

1 loss by 7 in OT

2 losses by 14 each (one to a FBS team)


To me this means the talent is there, but they are either missing coaching, the killer instinct, or a combo of the 2

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Boy, have the wheels come off this season....no comments in a week! Maybe it’s because basketball has started. Or maybe a five game losing streak has us all numb. Ok, let’s roast us some Hens today!


Both for me. I'm switching to BB with the NBA in full swing and now UAlbany hoops starting. I'll still be watching but we're out of playoff contention so at this point see what you have for next year.

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Wow, one comment? I see the whole community has given up on the season not just me lol. Going to watch the 2nd half as I'm back from my errands.

EDIT: LOL, the game is 3-3? 99 yards of offense in the first half? At least no turn overs. Man, we suck. What happened to this team? 3-1 in the beginning of the year was such a false flag.

EDIT 2: *Offense sucks, defense looks to be doing it's job against a 6-3 team.

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Evidence, Exhibit A: Brunson gets flushed out of the pocket on 3rd and 5 and instead of throwing it away cause of coverage, he chucks it up field and throws an easy INT.


Might not be watching long. Got furniture to put together.

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Aside from our first CAA season, which we were highly undermanned/scholarshipped (1-11) and in 1995 where we vacated all wins due to an ineligible player (0-10), Coach Ford had two 3-7 seasons and one each of 4-6 and 4-7 seasons. So, four pretty terrible seasons (I don't count either the 1-11 and 0-10 seasons) in 40 seasons.

That said, the level of competition and the pressure is much more in the Colonial.

That said, here's the most important three issues I have;


20 wins and 24 losses


No offense with the Gattuso era players.


Jeckyl and Hyde nature of our team from game to game over the past three years.


For all they hype about missing the playoffs and should have been in, yadda, yadda, we would have lost to Holy Cross but for the Neil Morrison fumble return. So, we were really a 6 win team, in my eyes.

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