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  1. Siena 'owns' the game just by history. But really, its a community rivalry and if the contract cant be revised to reflect that this is now really community entertainment - to which 13,200 can attest, let them keep the Pepsi dark that night. If the City of Cincinnati can host an annual mutually rewarding Xavier-Cincinnati rivalry Albany should be able to do likewise.
  2. It is very difficult to play while looking over your shoulder if you take a bad shot, commit a TO, or miss a defensive assignment. Sitting behind the bench I had a good look at coach and player reactions as they played and as they came off the court. It is just my opinion, perhaps more indicative of my own style - but it appears to me that players, individually, are chastised too often, and often by Coach Brown's surrogates. There is a lot of immediate criticism and instruction given to guys who are breathing hard, and pissed off already about their play. Not all of them, but some of them are pretending to listen, but saying f.u. under their breath. I'm uncomfortable saying this because I'm not part of the group, don't know what their relationship is. I don't know any of these people personally. It just seems like the guys on the court have one eye on the coach at all times, seemingly concerned they're doing the wrong thing. It looks like a son who just can not do enough to earn the approval of his dad. IMO we have a few guys who would do better playing with a little more offensive recklessness earlier in the game. It looked to me that this was discouraged until we tried to mount the comeback. Then we pushed everything hard, with good results. Our guys are tough and physically and seemingly capable of bringing it more than they are allowed to. Ambrose looked very tentative, like he was trying to remember his lines, until we were scrapping at the end - then he had license to bring his natural game. I also tried to watch what Turley does away from the ball. He too looks more like he's trying to remember his lines, rather than move naturally. Several times he was setting imaginary picks. And although I've seen him do better, last night, with the ball, Turley looked grossly overmatched. I was impressed with Iati, and I have often criticized him. Despite injuries, he was a real competitor and sometime a general. I enjoyed watching him. Connelly worked to get open and some great looks in the paint but just missed the shots. I thought offensively he played well, good shots just didn't fall. The last 5 minutes of the game Lillis took over as a leader and as a scorer. Is he being discouraged to play with similar intensity during other parts of the game? Defensively, we were overmatched. UMBC was good. Greene is small but he is a true point guard. They found open guys and they could shoot. I was surprised we made it as close as we did. Finally, if our strategy is to play a controlled offense, we need to play it better. We've got guys bumping into each other, guys with obvious confusion about where they belong. Many times it just comes down to improvised offense anyway. If that's the case, maybe we'd be better off using our 2 minute offense earlier in the game.
  3. Interesting to read all the comments. I attended the game and was just as disgusted in person. UMBC clearly a better team. I agree - Brent contributed almost nothing. Looked asleep most of the game. That is not to say he hasn't been there in the past, he just didn't show up tonight. I can tell you this - Gifford and Turley also didn't contribute. Turley stuffed twice and Gifford unable to go up with the ball the couple of times he found the ball in his hands under the basket. The best thing we can do is let Lillis drive and either shoot or find someone on the wing. Ambrose only played with real intensity the last few minutes and when he did, he looked good. We seemed tentative most of the game and I'm not sure that is not a function of the coaching. A number of times we should have kept it uptempo, but we pulled up and hung around looking.
  4. Anybody on the board going the game?
  5. The coach's implication is that our problems are psychological and/or problems of motivation. We've certainly had teams by the throat in the second half and were not able to finish the kill. And some of them were teams of seemingly greater talent. Its very frustrating to us as fans, to see the talent yet not the intensity. I would imagine to the Coach its even more so. I don't know what turns something like that around but I'm hoping he does. There's something very punitive in the Coach's strategy - 'when you let the other team beat you, I'll beat you again, harder, when we get back home.' As with child rearing, sometimes that approach works, sometimes it causes resentment and disillusionment. When our guys come to play 40 minutes, we are very good. We're still very much in the AE hunt. If the 'good' team shows up, we could still be the team to beat.
  6. Happy Birthday I think its a borderline call - saying something like that to the press. Probably more likely to make the team come out breathing fire for awhile, but if even one or two guys on the team misinterpret it and believe the coach may be giving up on them, that can be poison. Looking for good things at UMBC - and I am actually going to make the trip to watch it.
  7. The things I want to see are: 1. All out hussle - 1000% effort. 2. Passion - for winning (if not, why play) and Passion for the team. 3. Aggressive and Active - not passive and tentative What's become most frustrating is the start and stop. Looking good followed by looking bad. It happens within games when we lead big, and give it away, or for a series of games when we play with hunger and for some reason then come to play looking like we barely want it. It seems like we've got talent - now and in the future. Its an absence of focus, or at least periodic lapses in focus or desire. IAnd can you even teach intensity? When you get out hustled on the road, you can sometimes attribute it to travel fatigue and unfamiliar surroundings. A blown a 12 point lead at home to a lesser opponent, though, is a difficult situation if its something other than being out-talented. Maybe some good will come out of this and we'll put put another little streak together.
  8. Lets win tonight and get healthy in the week off. Is Martin expected back vs UMBC?
  9. Excellent thought. He seems to have the kind of mental and physical toughness that can elevate ordinary physical skills to a higher level. That kind of mental chemistry isn't easily imparted from one to another, but Iati appears to do that. I've been very critical of John Iati at times, but never have I suggested that he doesn't leave it all on the court. Considering the actual extent of his injuries, one can only acknowledge and appreciate just how valuable he's been during this stretch without Martin.
  10. WAY PAST THAT. You're explanation has appreciated. I too, am now past that.
  11. Not so, my friend. You have said on more than one occasion, that criticism is why coaches hate message boards. Then I read Coach Brown's blog and noted that some of his observations mirrored the very posts you criticized in the past. As far as the hockey player screaming behind the accountant -please, its an absolutely invalid analogy. When you sign a contract to play pro sports, the paycheck also covers any and all adulation and/or abuse that comes your way - from all quarters. Being a fan offers few free privileges. Commenting on your team's performance, whatever form that comment takes, is fair game.
  12. I think a lot of us have been at one time or another, criticized for make arm chair observations because in someone else's judgment, we either lack inside knowledge, have no actual coaching experience, or just don't know what we're talking about. And I always think that is b.s 'Fans' at all levels of technical expertise have always enjoyed doing that. We just have computers and blogs and message boards now. I'm okay with what anyone says, but I agree, there is no justification for personal attack on a player, but I don't remember seeing that too often, if ever. I just hope we don't ever get many women weighing in. Lets keep it among the fellas. Even if women truly do understand sports, I find their opinions grating. I know some will disagree, but really, how many of you wouldn't prefer a guy to Linda Cohen on ESPN, or have ever heard anything worthwhile from a wench working the sidelines at a football game?
  13. I've been tied up this week and unable to stay very close to UA information. This morning was my first opportunity to read Coach Brown's recent entry. He echoes many of the sentiments I repeatedly read on this board. (ie sometimes looking unprepared and not following the scouting reports, too many 3's, the wrong people taking threes, sloppy play, missed open looks, creating increased post play opportunities). There is one contributor to this board who has repeatedly admonished many of us for expressing criticism, saying 'this is why coaches hate message boards'. If coach's criticism is essentially the same as the 'negative posters' why should we assume that coaches hate message boards? Coach Brown's blog, particularly the first paragraph would be right at home here. Would D96 take him to task for his comments?
  14. Thank you. If I come away with anything from this thread, it will be to stop asking my financial adviser to cure my incontinence. About the game - I love the win, but I still think we played sloppy ball in the second half. D96 - if you don't agree with that, please don't pepper me with sloppy play stats.
  15. I had some minor surgery yesterday, so as I was laying around on Lortabs anyway, I ponied up the $6.95 and watched the game on Stony Brook's network. I thought DaneZone has shortcomings. SB had one camera at the center of the court. On fast breaks the camera never caught up with the action on the court. During time outs and half time the announcers had open mikes and pretty much shared every conceivable remedy for sore throat and hoarseness. They also commented on the sizable contingent of UA fans. My overall impression of the game - if SB was not so awful, we would have not won the game. We had a good first half. The second half though, in my opinion was way too full of sloppy passing and low intensity, including a pass to Lillis which he non-nonchalantly tried to catch with one hand only to miss it and have it go out of bounds. Our rebounding was good, Hastings played a nice game throughout, as did Wilson. Everyone else contributed, but its somewhat disconcerting to see the team mentally on the bus home with about 15 minutes remaining in the game. Still not sure why we spend 20-25 seconds of so many shot clocks passing the ball on the perimeter (throwing it away at times), working to get a 3-point shot. Those shots are always available. But a win is a win. On to Saturday.
  16. If you're being a transgender, crossing all generations, you can't leave Margison out. He took UA to its first NCAA appearance after a season of winning about 5-6 games at the buzzer by himself. Winston Royal was fantastic. 5'9" and got over the rim. He also shot 90% plus from the foul line. He is one guy who might have played well at the DI level.
  17. Rich Margison - probably the best pre DI UA player. A DIII All American Honorable Mention. Impossible to tell how he'd play on today's team, but at that level, pre-scholarships, I don't think many D-III guys had the same speed and talent that's part of the DI game.
  18. Kind of makes me wonder if they're getting enough homework in Burlington.
  19. I love this thread. Who gives a rat's ubiles if coaches, Will included, can't stand message boards. In Will's case, like an elected politician, he's living off the public teat - he works for us anyway. If we're losing every freaking game with the talent we've got, maybe the coaching is to blame. Yes, I know how far we've come and I've loved the ride, and have praised WB for it. But I think he's doing a bad job this year. Admittedly my basketball resume might be inferior to D96 (though anonymity creates false claims, doesn't it D96?) but, my observation skills seem to be superior. Blowing a lead to Boise State might be acceptable, but not the blown leads at St. Bonaventure and NH . So Ambrose and Turley get more minutes when they practice well and fewer game minutes when they've not practiced well? What kind of b.s. is that? And of course Iati (former ROY and giver of 110%), always practices well, especially on the defensive end, which are reflected in his playing time.
  20. Its a little disappointing to consider Covington our best option at the 5. I think he's doing an outstanding job and demonstrates some good offensive moves to the basket that I wish he used more often. I thought Gifford would have come off his freshman year with a lot more intensity and on-court leadership. Regarding Turley, I'm not convinced. Offensively, I watch him move without the ball sometime and often it looks misplaced or without any idea of where he can contribute. When he gets the ball, he seems too one dimensional. This is observation, not criticism; he may develop dramatically with experience and coaching. But in my own opinion I just don't know if he's even close yet. The AEast, except perhaps for UMBC has shown very poorly early in out of conference play. I think we'll find out quickly if we're just one of the pack or something better.
  21. Anyone able to get this game streamed on line?
  22. Talking about nausea. While in Iowa - don't be surprised if Rudy and Hillary are in the student section pretending to represent NYS.
  23. Very nice, ODane, very classy. Much appreciated.
  24. Its all true. Is the difference in tempo when Iati plays only noticeable to me? There are guys working their asses off underneath trying to get position, trying to get open - then Iati fires up something off balance and just like that we're trying to set up defensively. Will is a phenomenal coach. His recruitment and success speak for themselves. But there have been, IMO, lapses this year. The losses to St. Bonaventure and Boise St. were again, in my opinion, and in hindsight - which is easy, avoidable. In his own words earlier this week, Brown mentioned his loyalty to Iati and said 'it has limits'. Well last night was the time to show us the extent of those limits, and we learned just how much that loyalty is costing us And for the mantra - Iati gives 110%, he is a former AE Rookie of the Year, he is a fan favorite. But he is no longer a 'three-point specialist', barely a three-point threat. Bad back or whatever, he is virtually a non-contributor on defense. Very true that only the five guys on the floor can win or lose, but isnt it the coach who decides who those five guys are going to be?
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