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Lehigh Postgame

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wow, what a game. Defense a little weak, but the offense, geez. GDG said to me during the game that we went from 52 vs Bucknell to nearly 80 in 4 games. The three-point shooting was insane!!!!


TIMMY AMBROSE!!!! GOOD GOLLY!!!! WHAT A DUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the students were packed in, the Arena would have blown its top!


Big props to Al Turley also. He looked soooooooooooooooo good in the paint tonight. Lillis was also insane.


Excellent victory and sets up nicely for Sunday.

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AMBROSEEEEE! I couldn't believe what I saw....it was unreal. I'll remember that one for a long time, never seen anything like it at our arena or any other for that matter (haven't been a college basketball fan for long).


We jumped out early and I though kind of put it in cruise control. It was interesting how coach took out the whole starting five at the start of the game, great to have that kind of luxury. The young guys came in and took care of business right from the get go. This team has a huge amount of potential. I expected a slow start to the season but this team is quickly overcoming my expectations, above and beyond.


Loved the play of Turley on the block, great post moves, awesome hands, great strength and mobility. VERY VERY impressed by him.


Again....TIM freakin AMBROSE! UNREAL! Great win over a decent team, they played good in your face D we were simply bigger and stronger and every bit as quick.


Enjoyed the evening very very much especially THE DUNK......did I mention Tim Ambrose and his dunk?

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Totally forgot about Martin, very very solid game. Brent also had a great game. The game wasn't as close as the score is showing. I love the fact that we can mix and match pretty much any combination on the floor and they all play defense not to mention have the ability to put points up. I'm very impressed by the amount of talent this team has and how quickly things are coming together.

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Well, I finally got the Dane Zone to work!! What a nice performance they put together. I heard the interview with Coach Brown right after the game and he said he didn't like what he saw from the starters in the first minutes and wanted to shake things up.


If anyone sees a link online to the Ambrose dunk I need to show it to my buddy who stepped away from his computer when it happened.


I really like the freshman. All three played very well. Once Turley gets a little more under control he will be a force in the low post.

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Tim Ambrose is not human! Wow! That was the greatest basketball play I've ever seen live as well. Probably the best dunk I've ever seen while following UAlbany as well (maybe some of the older guys can remember a better one). The thing about Tim that is so cool is that he seems so chill and mellow out there...just business as usual...


Echoing the thoughts above, Turley was sooo impressive! I think any number of our players could be freshman of the year candidates in the America East, whether it be Martin (what a 3-point stroke he's got, eh??!), Ambrose, Turley, etc.


And every night I see Hastings play, the more I like him out there. He's going to be huge for us this year in so many different ways.


I just love seeing just about everyone on the team contribute on any given night. This team could be scary good ... .


And does anyone else notice that this team really does appear to be stronger than last year's team (examining the returning players of course)? Lillis, Anderson, Covington, Gifford, etc. all appear to be quicker and stronger. Maybe it was our first two opponents. What is everyone else's thoughts on our improved conditioning and strength?

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I liked all three freshman tonight. I liked when they were just dumping it down to Turley on consecutive possesions in the second half and he was either scoring or getting to the line. We haven't had a player who could do that in quite a while. Martin looked polished at times and like a freshman at others. There was one play on transition where he just turned on the jets and blew by a couple of guys - he has quite a game. And of course the Ambrose dunk.


Stat I really liked was Marquis Hall came in averaging 18 points and had 5 tonight with Hastings guarding him. Also in the fourth game of the season we've had 7 guys score in double digits.

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