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Construction Updates


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I expect to only see it at 12,000-15,000 with an upper deck only on one side to start.


Put the upper deck on the other side to expand more.


I would be disappointed to see a capacity less than 15k with an expansion capability to 25k.... unfortunately we have few supporters in government, as opposed to UB and SBU.


I like 15k as a starter capacity because I want to keep up with Stony Brook. The way SBU keeps expanding they'll be at 15k by the time we’re done pouring our foundation. Keeping up with Stony Brook is a requirement! I’ve heard the arguments that we aren’t Penn State or Rutgers. I’ve heard the argument that we’re not Buffalo… but damn it, we’re at least Stony Brook!


By the way, I also received a cryptic email response from administration when I inquired about the stadium. They were hopeful but it depends on the economy…. and probably after UB adds another 10,000 seats to their stadium and Stony Brook gets an expansion and Oswego gets their share. Then they’ll consider UAlbany. I hope we have contingency plans if the state abandons UA, again.


There are no plans at UB to expand. The plan as of today to decrease stadium capacity with the demolition of the stadium's north bleacher seats and video scoreboard when we begin construction of our Athletics, Recreation, and Wellness Center (fieldhouse). Capacity will then stand at ~25,000, and any future improvements of seating quality or capacity with center upon a horseshoe stadium configuration.

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received this e mail recently:


Please join University at Albany Interim President George Philip and Business School Dean Donald Siegel at a dedication ceremony for the new School of Business Building on Friday, October 3rd. The event will take place at 11:00 a.m. at the Grand Entry Plaza of the University at Albany at 11:00 a.m. We hope you can be there to celebrate this important University milestone



As a proud graduate of the business school, I'm very happy to see forward progress on the new business school building. I think it will also add to the general campus asthetics. Any news when they intend to break ground?



MBA c/o '97

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I have to admit, I think its kind of ugly. I wish they would have switched the purple and gold. But maybe the seating will be purple or silver and offset that gold. Man that's bright.

Your wish is granted. Fall practice at John Fallon Field.




UAlbany wordmark added to the BACK of the press box. I don't know how many people will see it until the day the bubble is replaced.




more concrete work behind the seating.




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Underneath, there's concrete leading to the stairs that enter the grandstand from underneath, and a couple of half-high cinder-block walls, but nothing else installed yet that I could see. There's room on the unpaved area behind the sidewalks, but I don't remember any pipes installed there.


The ticket booths haven't moved yet.


I wonder whose mistake the yellow panels were, and how much it cost to change them.

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I was just wondering...does anyone know if there are plans to knock down, change or build anything were the health center is located? i know five quad is still located in that building, but that is about it if i am not mistaken? anyone know of any plans?

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The other ticket booth is on the south side at an angle to the stands, on the near edge of the concrete.


Five or six street light are lying on the ground behind the stands, awaiting installation.


Looks like they've tidied up a lot underneath, no sign of plumbing yet.

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Dedication of UA Business School Building Articles:


UAlbany to dedicate new biz school



Dedication set for UAlbany business school



Local lawmakers react to Paterson's warning of economic crisis


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This week they's added trees, mulch, and shrubberies


and added decorative panels behind the stands with poles to hold banners.

BTW I was wrong, you can see the UAlbany all the way from the science library


and paved the driveway today



Still no sign of toilets or anything else under the stands

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