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Wow! Great win.


This team needs to play both halves. Great win though! Should be a rockin' crowd for the next game.

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Just got back from the game (and the 1st half of BU/UMBC). WOW!!! What an atmosphere! The crowd was electric today and what a game. Great 1st half on offense and D. 2nd half the offense sputtered, but the D stayed tight. Just a great time. Going back for tonights session hoping for a huge Hartford win. Nice that Bing fans had our back today but I won't be returning the favor tonight. :rolleyes:

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when Vermont changed from 1-3-1 to 2-3 vone, when struggled on offense. Hopefully we'll straighten that out for tomorrow. Giff was really huge on D today. Blakely got away with a lot today. See you all tomorrow.

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Before I go on ravel in this win....I'd like to say that as the game was ticking away I couldn't help but feel empathetic towards Trim. He never could get over the UA hump....he left it all out there every time we played he just couldn't will his team to a win. I have a ton of respect for UVM...this has got to hurt ALLOT!




- Coaching...Coach Brown once again put together an AWESOME game play....it was very evident early on that they would go inside often and early...in the first half the pounded Vermont in the paint....they drove and drove and drove into the lane repeatedly, building a big first half lead steadily. Masterful coaching job! CB beat ML like a red headed step child again, Lonergan is gonna bee seeing Brown in his nightmares. I know it won't always be like this and who knows when it will change but CB has OWNED ML. As much as CB has been second guess on here, after today I have to tip my hat to him and say...he knows a hell of a lot more then any of us on here, I will continue to ask questions when I'm unclear on something but the man KNOWS his craft!


MJ, was nails from the FT line....50% on the season and he flat out slammed the door...Trim a great FT shooter flat out choked. UVM had every chance to win this game but costly TO's and missed FT's did them in. It didn't help them that they had to play from behind basically the entire game. Mike with 8 pts, TEN rebound and 5 ast was monumental....I'd give him the player of the game award for this one....simply a MONSTER performance from a guy who wasn't even a starter all season. Incredible performance!


Will Harris...finally awoke from his slumber, he was huge with his 18 and 10.....Timmy with 15 and 5 even though he only played 25 minutes was also big. Once again in foul trouble....


Fouls....I don't want to be a sore winner but F the refs....we couldn't even breath on Blakely without them calling a foul. On one particular play UA was on O and missed a shot, Blakely was on the baseline and didn't even get a rebound, there was no one in a radius of 2 or 3 feet from him and he just fell to the floor where he stood, we got called for the foul. The most egregious call in my time following the AE or UA. No one anywhere near him he just fell to the floor where he stood....I'm gonna rewatch this play on DVR to see if what I saw actually happened but BOOOOO! He also walked all over the paint with the ball....on one particular play half of the arena was screaming TRAVEL...he dragged his pivot foot like crazy going into his move and yet once again they called the foul on UA. He got Jordan treatment out there! UVM fans have absolutely no reason to bitch about the officiating in this one....they lost the game because they couldn't hit their FT's and they got out coached by CB and his crew once again.


We DESTROYED them on the boards.....by 21 rebounds! WOW


And finally...firs time for everything.....first time a 7 over 2! WOoOTTTT!

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