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I was disappointed in the student turnout today. The DANEger ZONEwas sparsely populated. They die hards did a good job trying to make up for the lower numbers.


They are students after all with class/work tomorrow morning..I'm not surprised a Sunday night game had the lowest student turnout..I was actually a bit disappointed with the non-student turnout the entire weekend..2 packed student turnouts this weekend with 3 relatively poor non-student turnouts = a great DANEger Zone weekend in my eyes!

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I expect the freshman are going to be up and down from game to game. Luckily we've had at least one of them play well the last couple of games. Tonight it was Metcalf. I liked the energy he played with before and he showed more offense than I expected (including that shot which I don't think anyone expected.)


I had to laugh at one point Metcalf was telling Scotty McRae where to be on the court. Freshman to a senior.


I'm really liking this frontcourt rotation. They seemed to be able to take away whatever RMU tried to do inside.


Fran Urli putting the ball on floor and bringing it up the court? I...didn't expect to see that. I found myself yelling "alright Fran!" when he made a nice play but that doesn't feel right from an Albany fan for obvious reasons. I gotta say "alright Urli!" from now on.


I'd like to see MJ handle pressure better than he does. I wondered tonight if RMU watched the Detroit game and decided to pressure him more.


Good to see that Coach Brown trusts Tartt enough to put him on the court in closing seconds when he knows RMU is going to foul. Also good to see Tartt come though and knock down the free throws.

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I was disappointed in the student turnout today. The DANEger ZONEwas sparsely populated. They die hards did a good job trying to make up for the lower numbers.

Yeah turnout wasn't very good, there weren't very many on the 800 side of the student section. But I think it was a culmulation of factors that it was a Sunday night it was at 5 (Doesn't work out good with dinner hours here, Dinner starts at 4:30) and the fact that Detroit beat us last night. I thought everybody did pretty good as a group on the other side in the middle row. And as far as the weekend goes it was pretty good overall turnout wise so I don't quite mind it.

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Some much needed time off before another set of tough games down in Florida and of course December 5th is creeping closer and closer...



Why is the Siena game "creeping closer and closer" as if it means so much more than any of our other up coming non-conf games? If that isn't what you meant sorry for the misinterpretation, but it just seems that way.


That game doesn't define the UA team and nor should it. The game itself doesn't help us get any closer to winning the AE Championship and getting into the NCAA tourney...unless it does and I missed something? It allows our team to play a basketball program that has gone to the NCAA two years in a row, and helps us grow. It won't be an easy game, but again, I personally don't think that game's outcome defines the UA program.


I both agree and disagree. This one game shouldn't define the season and it doesn't help us get back to the NCAA's. It is technically just another out of conference game and yes its a great building experience for the team. At the same time it is Rivalry game. While we as more dedicated fans may put less emphasis on the game, the casual fans treat it as the most important game of the year. Winning this game could have serious benefits while a loss isn't necessarily disaster. Nobody expects us to win so if we lose it's not a huge loss...but if we win that would be a great mental boost for the team. Student interest/attendance would also probably increase. What I'm trying to say is that while it shouldn't matter as much as it does, the reality is it is a special game. The atmosphere is much more intense than any game will have until march. I don't think it will, but I hope this doesn't distract the team from the two games previous.

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For those asking about the box score, Mark posted this...


First we offer an explanation why we can't offer you any detailed statistics from UAlbany's 71-66 victory over Robert Morris tonight.


The computerized stats program that UAlbany – and all other schools – use crashed tonight. Therefore indefatigable UAlbany sports information director Brian DePasquale and his able staff couldn't immediately give us anything beyond the field goals, free throws and total points from the scorebook.


DePasquale and his assistants will have to watch the game again on film to give us a complete box score, and we'll give you a more detailed account when we have them.


For those of you interested, here's the shortened box score for tonight's game:





field goals, free throws and total points

Robinson 2 0-2 4,

Nwigwe 5 4-4 18,

Jones 7 0-1 17,

Abraham 2 2-2 7,

Langhurst 2 0-0 6,

Wallace 2 0-0 6,

Green 1 1-1 3,

Piehl 0 0-0 0,

Johnson 2 0-0 5,

Whitehead 0 0-0 0.

Totals 23 7-10 66.



field goals, free throws and total points

Aronhalt 2 0-0 4,

Harris 6 7-8 22,

Urli 2 0-0 4,

Tartt 0 2-2 2,

Black 0 2-2 2,

Johnson 2 4-5 8,

McRae 0 3-4 3,

Metcalf 4 1-2 9,

Ambrose 6 3-5 15,

Lindfors 1 0-0 2,

Allen 0 0-0 0,

Gifford 0 0-0 0.

Totals 23 22-28 71.


Halftime—UAlbany, 35-27.


3-point goals—

Robert Morris 13 (Nwigwe 4, Jones 3, Langhurst 2, Wallace 2, Abraham, Johnson),

UAlbany 3 (Harris 3).


Fouled out—Robinson, Wallace.


Total fouls—Robert Morris 25, UAlbany 15.





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