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2K Tournament

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Good building block win...can't add much to what's been said...save for the fact that my untrained eye was pleased to see Ambrose recognizing and giving up the rock on the double teams, leading to easy scores...this is an aspect of his game that many of us have been waiting to see develop...and it will promote much more movement in the offense, guys won't be standing around "watching" if they get the sense the ball may be coming thier way...conversely it will make teams back off Ambrose a little perhaps which should allow him more offensive license...tomorrow night will be a challenge, while Detroit has some impressive athletes I did not think they shot particularly well as a team (based on what I saw in second half vs RMU..) and they turned it over quite a bit...so its certainly a winnable game..also I second the comments on the great student turnout...hope that continues as it adds to the atmosphere and makes SEFCU just a little more inhospitable for our opponents...

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Just got back from the game...some thoughts....


- Alcorn is pretty bad team, however we went out and did what we had to. There was some really ugly basketball on display from them.


- Tartt.....this kid is solid, for a freshmen he appears as cool as a pickle...never rushes anything, makes smart decisions with the ball...had the O going today. Solid get going forward for this program....big fan!


- Some excellent interior D...by Giff, Metcalf and McRae....Metcalf real solid on the board/overall, 6pts, 7board, 2ast and 2blks....SOLID!


- CB goes deep into the bench because we have games all weekend....good move. All of the kids that got on the court played and for the most part played well.


- The O got on track in this one...71pts, 46% from the field 42% from beyond the arc....I know the competition was poor but last year no matter the competition we couldn't shoot straight. Good to see us handle our business.


- TO's still a major concern...Timmy with 5....I know he rebounded well (6) and moved the ball well (7ast) but 5 to's is about 3 to many.


Tomorrows game against Detroit will be a very difficult one, they are no Alcorn!


A win is a win. This is a confidence builder. Hopefully Detroit isn't a confidence demoralizer.


I feel we got some bad calls against us and McRae made some bad decisions but definitely a good all-around effort from everyone. The TO's will go down as the season goes on and people get more into set rotations and get chemistry going. Most of these guys have only been together a few months.

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At about the same time I looked out on the court and saw 4 1st year players Tartt, Black, Lindfors and I think Metcalf. Good learning experience.


Yes, Scotty and the Four Freshmen were on the floor for stretches in each half.


The run by Alcorn is what happens when one team suddenly hits three shots in a row while you miss two in between - 18 can become 11 in a hurry.


I don't know about our crowd chanting 'Airball' when we had 6 or 7 of our own, by multiple players and some inside the arc.

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That was dissapointing, with the cape not being there student section was dysfunctional. Mostly picking on 0, but he decided to go all Jay Greene on us.


Some points I saw

-Refs were very tick-tacky, but thats every game it seems like.

-I cringe every time I see Lindfors take a 3.

-Detroits defense was just plain good...

-Mike Johnson did not look good on the tight D at all, turnover prone. I didn't know Tartt and Black were suspended the first half, so I was wondering why Mike was in all half.


Honestly it was just a bad game, not much I can really say. They just exploited our weaknesses, good coaching by Detroit.

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