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I can only imagine. When I hit refresh on my phone for the final time and saw the final score I gave a loud "YES!" with a fist pump and got a couple odd looks from a couple people at the party.


EDIT: Forgot to add this! Great that Timmy got win one of these games before he graduated.



I must have given 100 fist bumps tonight in yours and others honor tonight during and after the game. I am not sure if I am going to make it on Monday.

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UAlbany puts more in their pocket tonight than Siena does.




If true, deserving so A-hole.

I mean seriously even if you followed the worst business Model(LCC business school?) you should be able to make more money from 8000 units than 2500 units. no ?


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For those looking to relive the action, Time Warner Cable is replaying the game today (Sunday) at 7PM. If you are going to tape it, I suggest extending your DVR. Luckily, I set it for an extra hour, so I caught the whole game. Nothing like watching the win at 2AM!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!



From 1200 miles away for $7.95 I was able to watch it live on a siena feed. Listening to the whining lcc announcers remind me at least four times that 'this game obviously means a lot more to UA than to siena' made the outcome even sweeter.


End the series now. Within 3 year both schools will agree to play again - with more equitable conditions.


Congrats to every Dane fan.

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This team was the best prepared team I've seen in two years. Kudos to Brown and coaching staff...genius to turn the table on Siena and press them/push the pace with Black.


When Tim got his first foul, which was late in the second half, I was thinking that last year how last year he was usually on the bench with 2 or 3 by 10 minutes in the first half, and he might be coming into he game late with 4 fouls. Tim has really improved his play by not getting the lazy reach in fouls this year and has allowed him to remain on the floor to provide consistent offense.

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How about Metcalf delivering with our starters in foul trouble...sweet action.


That was big. I liked the twin towers look with Puk and Metcalf in at the same time.


We've seen that yesterday and in Detroit. Pretty effective.

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This team is getting better and better each game. I love it. We're not there yet-far from it actually, but progress is very nice to see as this team and program had been stagnant it seems for the past 2 years. They have become a completely different team in a matter of weeks. I saw no heart in the American, Iona, and Cornell loses. There was no effort, there was no coaching, and there was no leadership. I have no problem owning up to my rash criticism of the younger guys. I could not be any happier for Tim either. He couldn't stop smiling in the closing seconds of the game, Coach brown was visibly happy/emotional during the game too, something we're not accustomed to. If this kind of play and improvement continues, we will be a lot better than 8th in the AE. CB used his noggin big time yesterday too kudos to him (never thought I would utter those words), loved how he turned the table by going with the press early, loved that he went with the experience of Allen down the stretch rather than a guy like Lindfors. We actually are starting to develop some semblance of an offense too, we were cold from 3 but it didn't matter because we didn't chuck up 30 of them and we got to the line 37 times. If we can string together a bunch of W's over winter, the students will be there for the second semester games and we may see the sefcu packed once again. Another good win guys, keep working!

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