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11/11/11 @ #11 Pitt

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Danes' hopes dashed in the T-U says Puk has 'circulatory problems' that caused his left leg to swell up (tho he's on antibiotics, so it's an infection too, or the infection caused the swelling).


Injuries have hit the Great Danes already




~Puk has cellulitis.


~Hooley injured an ankle.


~Devlin not back in playing shape after his ..no injury mentioned.



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A lot has changed since this summer. Doc has become a Guerrier fan!


I thought he looked smooth and under control...with Black and Suero attacking, Logan and Guerrier need to find their spots to spot up.


I wish Black was a bit more aggressive, he had a stretch in the second half where he made two 3 pointers and I believe a few other shots. Got to the line, he needs to do that more.


I'd like to see more of Watts, I like his game a lot, under control and it's clear he worked on his shot by making those two sweet mid-range shots.


Nothing I saw last night changed my outlook for this team, I think by the time AE play rolls around this team will be very nice. Pieces are there, need to fit better but talent-wise it's probably one of our more talented teams.

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Rider loses to Robert Morris by 25 the other night and is now tied at with Pitt at halftime. Small consolation that they are getting as hammered on the board as we did 20-6


I've been watching the game...Pitt started out hot again, went up by 14 in like 6 minutes, slowly Pitt lost their focus starting just flinging 3's. Rider slowly crept back...early on looked like they were going to get their ass handed to them.


Dixon is pissed...was ripping into his kids once they lost the focus. Should be an interesting second half.

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if you want to do some AE scouting:


Free, high quality feed of BU - Texas game (and jeff van gundy announcing... probably last time he'll do an AE game) http://espn.go.com/longhornnetwork/


also if you're watching, head over to our open thread as well: http://www.unrankedae.com/2011/11/13/2558488/gameday-11-13-umbc-and-bu-take-on-power-conferences-while-sbu#comments

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