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Cb knew he didn't need them against garbage Marist. - Clickclack



No way Big Rich was playing Weds - he was in the hospital until Tuesday


Travis Charles was sick in the hotel and then was sick again at Shoot around and was unable to play!


At the game Weds night I heard both were sicker then dogs!


No way CB would sit 2 Bigs thinking he could win without them, this team needs as many bigs as they can, especially with how fouls can come quickly with the refs this year!

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It's natural to want a sold out SEFCU every game..and of course that should be the goal. But I think this conversation ignores a number of points.   First..just because we all like sports doesn't me

Drop the championship banners down a bit and make them sit behind them with an obstructed view.

In the airport right now on my way to Albany. Here's to another sweet weekend.

I would guess that Big Rich will be back. I know he was in the hospital and all, but from what I have read about the Chipotle food poisoning cases (apparently it's a national problem) the healing time isn't too bad with plenty of fluids.


Travis Charles health scares me though. Both for the team and especially for him. Heart issues are scary, and even if this is 100% unrelated, complications can happen easily especially if he was violently ill. Puking and dry heaves can do a number on the ticker.

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On a side note, I'll be missing this game for the first time since 2008 due to a family commitment. Every year I keep telling myself that I won't go because of the unfair contracts and I didn't want to give any money the $iena, but every year I always ended up going. We finally got a better contract but this will be the year I can't make it LOL.


Is this game going to be on TWC anywhere? I thought I remember them pulling the old only on TV for out of market unless the game sells out ki d of deals. I think I've been living under a rock as I haven't seen where I can watch...

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T-U blog has been updated:


Thursday night, Brown, via text, said that Charles does not have any further issues with his heart. Following tests, it was determined he has a stomach virus and said his status for the Siena game is “day-to-day.”
Brown said Thursday night via text that the Albany medical staff is waiting on new test results on Peters from the hospital.
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I wish both teams to be as close to 100% so we can beat them fair and square.

I don't... Just whip them.


Naturally I want to whip them too...but I hate listening to excuses and you know they'll come up with something stupid if they lose.


If we lose, it'll be a combination of the following rearing it's head: bad FT shooting, bad 3PT% specifically or TO's. If all we can rely on is mid-range jumpers due to our outside shot not falling, it's likely going to be a long night. Maybe getting super pumped up is what guys like Hooley need to shoot lights out.

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