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Tennis to be Discontinued

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UAlbany Athletics To Discontinue Tennis Following 2016 Season




The Athletic Department will reallocate existing funds into areas that will strengthen their Title IX position, as well as areas that will benefit all student-athletes from a student welfare perspective. UAlbany will increase the number of female student-athlete participants amongst the existing women's sports programs. In addition, they will elevate a number of part time women's assistant coaches to full time status and increase the annual operating budgets in women's sports. Additional funds will be invested in positions within departments that support all student-athletes such as academic support, compliance and/or sports medicine.

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you knew it was coming. I wrote a thread back in November that it looked like it was dead since UA was one of only 3 AE squads left. Sad to see a sport "killed off". I feel for the student athletes more than anything. If you look at the UA squad, very young and very international...which I think is good for marketing. However, it's about numbers and $$$$.


I would think Stony Brook and Binghamton are going to make the same announcements before the end of the school year. AE Tennis is officially dead.

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TU article


UAlbany to cut women's tennis program following season

UAlbany's tennis budget of roughly $365,000 will be dispersed to either augment women's sports or bolster what Benson called "general student-athlete welfare."


UAlbany only lists one senior, so it remains to be seen how many of the eight others on the roster will take up the school's offer to honor all current financial-aid agreements — tennis players are rarely on full scholarship — through graduation.

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Something really interesting from the article:


According to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, 244 programs were cut between 2000 and 2015 — including 40 in the past five years.


That's really crazy. Shows that the sport is having serious issues sustaining itself. I think what makes me feel "better" (even though not a good thing no matter what), is that this had nothing to do with funding. The sport could have survived in UA, but it really was nothing to do with funding. I'm interested to see if they contacted the MAAC about it. MAAC has 9 teams for tennis. Especially with women's golf affiliation, I'm kinda surprised MAAC would say no if they were asked. Maybe even the NEC...but we only know so much.

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Feds investigate Title IX complaint against UAlbany athletic program

Federal officials have opened a Title IX investigation into the University at Albany's athletics program, following a complaint from the former women's tennis coach of gender discrimination.



Sounds like #sourgrapes.




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1 hour ago, dslyank said:

But TITLE IX issue persists. Still NOT in compliance. Missed deadline for remediation:  HEAVY FINES, PENALTIES & even suspensions & probations a REAL possibility.

I know nothing about this.  No details,  ect. However,  the UA President appears to be very sharp and a supporter of UA Athletics.  

If this is the case and I were he, I would be furious.  There is no excuse for this . Hopefully there is more to the story, hopefully. 

Edited by UA1882
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Reading the article and the trying to get through the ruling.  Basis of the dismissal appears to be because the school has current agreement with the Office of Civil Rights. And court doesn't want to step in while in effect? Am I reading that correctly?

What happens if school doesn't meet the deadline?

Note:  Notwithstanding my love for rowing and previous advocacy for the addition of Women's Crew, I recognize that ship sailed (or rowed) long ago. Bummer but reality sets in at some point.

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