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Game #9 1/23/21 2PM @The Fighting Herrions of UNH

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Last Up: W vs. NJIT
Next Up: vs UNH 6-5 (5-3 AE) (2-0 vs. SBU)
Time/Date: 1/23/21 @ 2:00PM
TV/Streaming: ESPN3
Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FM

Fun Matchup: Nick Guadarrama vs. Kellon Taylor

Fun Name: UNH's Meekness Payne might have the best name in the AE



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That rim sounds awful

1 minute ago, Dane96 said:

I have been having trouble all year on my phone with both ESPN3 and ESPN+

Anyone else?

I haven't had issues once I'm connected, but basically every time I go to open the app and watch something I have to activate my account. NBA app on my phone also had a huge downgrade at the start of the season

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Weird game. Poor shooting and inpatient offense. A lot of missed rotations of defense. We didn't look like we had our heads in the game until the last few minutes and really had no business even being it in at the end. Felt like we dribbed the ball off our feet or just lost the ball numerous times.

Guadarrama has been impressive this year. Kind of like a store-brand version of Anthony Lamb. Big guys lose him on the permieter and he makes you pay with threes. Smaller guys he bullied in the paint.

Curious what happend with Lulka. He seemed like our best option to defend down low but was MIA for most of the game. If Hutch is going to get minutes at the PF spot I hope we start getting him shots to stretch the defense. 

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Back to same old--same old. No offensive flow. Like others said mostly one-on-one basketball. Got out rebounded by 10 but that was mostly in the first half (second ½ by only 3); but the telling stat. 14-3 in assists. Go with the "hot" guy Kelly in the first half; Horton in the second ½ and let them go 1 on 1. That is NOT an offense.

I listened to Wyland & Volker on the radio while muting the HOMIES on ESPN {a little out of sync, but better than the nh pair.} Anyhow in the last 3 minutes Wyland & Voelker were saying over and over again, give it to Horton; I was screaming @ the tv NO!!!!!!!!! Not only could the other team probably hear them, but they already KNEW. We have been asking for years to get some guards who could get in the paint and create their own shot---I guess we should be careful what we wish for. We now seem to have a stable full of these guys; but none of them seem to know where to go with the ball when the shot is not there; OR maybe everyone else is just sitting around WATCHING the show???????

Someone commented that Hutch needs to shoot 1000 3's in practice; at least. he defends and gets a few rebounds when in the game. Healy probably needs to shoot 10,000 in practice, because he is pretty useless otherwise {nothing personal--no offense intended.}

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