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Duke pregame

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I've watched Duke play 5 or 6 times already this year. There hasn't been one team that has been close to them. They have destroyrd every team I've seen them play. I'll be happy to see our guys play and I'm hoping for the best. It will be an experience for the team. I don't think they'll ever face a tougher one, basketballwise.

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Agree alum73. I have watched Duke numerous times and quite frankly...this may be the best team in the nation when the season finishes. They are athletic, quick, long, and just seem to have that chemistry that wins titles...and they have it early.


It pains me to say all the above as a TERP by blood, but it is true.


The kids need to soak this experience up...and move on the minute the buzzer sounds.

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Our boys simply need to enjoy the experience, collect the check and put it behind them as Dane96 mentioned as soon as the buzzer sounds. We all would like to believe but there is a an astronomical difference in talent. Their bench, guys that don't play are better then anyone we have on our team. Thats not an insult or a knock on UA it's just the reality of the situation. The experience will only help them to deal with hostile crowds etc. I hope they have a good time and enjoy the trip.

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I too believe in miracles... and I also believe that we can win this game. It might be too early in the life of this new team, too early in the season, but I saw signs of a team 'emotionally' coming together on Saturday in the second half. Maybe, just maybe the new brotherhood is forming.


Maybe they are realizing that being tentative and passive is losing games, and they aren't going to accept a loss because of a lack of intensity and determination.


Our mad dogs haven't been released yet. We have talent, that's for sure. We have been in the feeling out period, adjusting to new styles and new personalities. The new guys are becoming accepted for the important roles they need to play on this team. The veterans are pulling them in closer, and they are realizing they are part of the family. I saw emotion and bonding taking place.


When that 'trust' and 'brotherhood' have matured, they will be difficult to beat. I think we may have seen a fire lit in their bellies on Saturday. They emotion and passion have been absent. If they gain that passion, aggressiveness and determination, they'll be like a pack of wild dogs, going after every opponents throat.


They do have the talent, and I don't believe everyone on Duke's bench is better than everyone on our team. They might not win, but if they go in with the right attitude and aggressiveness, it's possible.

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While the discrepancy in talent is big, we have shown as a program, that we can pull together in a big game. If we don't win this game, and I too believe in the underdog ALWAYS having a chance, as long as we make a good showing, that is a great thing for our program.


No matter how good Duke is, they aren't as good as that UConn team was - 4 NBA players in their starting lineup (which should have won the tourney then) . We showed UConn and the world what we were capable of doing. Granted, our team has no Jamar etc., but if this team is gelling properly, it is possible that our CURRENT team could be better than those teams.

We went to Vermont and no one thought we had a shot in hell - we lost something like 9 times there in a row or were 0-7 (cant remember the stat specifically) all time there up until the AE championship game last year, if I'm correct.


The games are played because there is always a chance the other team can win. Upsets happen, and I would assume its possible that our boys on national TV might come out a little more energetic than a Duke team who is used to this exposure, and playing infront of a smaller than usual crowd at Cameron, as it will be winter break for most students. By just going into the game, and saying "collect the check and move on", we are taking the wrong approach. Our chances of winning are small if you look at it from a realist standpoint. However, as a program, we always need to believe we are capable of pulling an upset off - otherwise we are doing an injustice to our team, and not showing the confidence necessary to help our school. If we want to be a big program, we need to act like one. Whether we lose by 6 or 59, we need to go in there with an air of confidence. If not, were doomed before the game even starts.



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Some TU stories...


Can't lose....


5 on 7...probably still not enough


Should be a nice experience, help with the exposure and recruiting, otherwise.........will probably be painful to watch. I'm going into this game with NO expectations and will simply sit back and enjoy watching UA on ESPN, even if we get destroyed by 45. If we manage somehow to make a game of it for a few minutes....all the better.

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Good luck from a Siena fan tonight.


From what I've seen, Duke is very good and constructed not to lose these types of games. Looks like Dane's fans have to hope for a hot shooting night and that Duke is freezing cold in order to keep this game competitive.


Either way, I'll be rooting for the Danes to shock the world!!!!



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Prediction: 98 - 71 Duke over UAlbany - I think we will get our fair share of points late when their 2nd team is in.


I believe in miracles though. Ever since Rutgers/Louisville football game last season, yeah, I believe.

*For those of you who don't know, I'm a big Rutgers football fan, have season tickets, and I live in NJ. Only reason I am a Albany fan is because my sister went there, played tennis there, and was friends with a couple guys on the team, so they were real cool to know.*

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