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We really need a good showing in this game. Hopefully someone will step up. Gotta get Connelly some open looks. I remember turning to my father last game and asking "has Connelly taken a shot yet?". That can't happen if were going to be successful.

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Everybody has an off night Cape. You seemed pretty quiet tonight. You weren't hung over were you? The student sections were fairly empty today and very quiet. Any one got an explanation for that? I hope they are more vocal on Wednesday.


Looks like Scotty is this year's resident in the dog house. I think Tim should give him some advice on how to get out of it.

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Glad we got back on the winning side of things..I was a bid worried we'd let it slip away when the Retrievers took the lead again mid-way through the second half..nice to see Ambrose put up his career high in points, although the 7 TO's weren't too exciting..and I'm glad we won, makes me feel like less of a complainer when I say that was one of the worst officiated games I've seen us play in..I'm not sure if the officials swallowed their whistles a bit because of UMBC's short bench, but they just plained missed a number of glaringly obvious calls that we should of had while calling a pretty touchy game on us..the one play where Ambrose and the UMBC player got tangled up and the UMBC player went to the floor, the official was looking away from the play and then turned around and blew the whistle when he heard the UMBC player go down..and then pointed to the closest UAlbany player, Ambrose, for the foul..I know there are some odd officials, but I doubt any actually have eyes in the back of their head.


On to Wednesday...

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I'm not sure if the officials swallowed their whistles a bit because of UMBC's short bench,


I was wondering where these officials were when we had six guys. I don't remember getting that treatment.


Great game to bring my father-in-law to, he very much liked the national anthem (me too.) I was hoping they would do the fight song too. Maybe another time.


My concerns about Tim Ambrose's free throw shooting are looking worse and worse, he's now leading the conference in FT %.


55% from three?!?!?!? Where the heck did that come from and how do we get it to stay around?

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Section 200 was a rockin today, D-FENCE!


Really a great effort today, right from the get go when I got there (arrived late) it was evident that the team was much more prepared to play. Timmy played like a man possessed, how do we keep him this aggressive? Will again with a great game. A couple of days to get ready for Hartford in our barn on Wednesday.

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