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Raffa Rumor

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OT: From America Least.com



Mark Socoby to Leave Maine

The University of Maine has issued the following press release:



University of Maine men's basketball head coach Ted Woodward has announced that junior guard Mark Socoby has decided to leave the program for personal reasons.


"Mark expressed interest to transfer and we wish him luck," said Woodward. "We really like the guys we have now going into spring workouts."

Not too surprising considering Socoby regressed this year. The Black Bears leading scorer averaged 12.3 points per game, which was down from 14.6ppg the previous season, while shooting a dismal .348 from the field

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Someone posted on the TU board that Raffa is transferring...can anyone here verify that rumor? Please say it isnt so


I hope not. I really like Raffa's effort, fearlessness, and pace; he contributed fairly well as a freshman and has great potential. But you never know what a kid's thinking in terms of his fit on campus, being homesick, etc.



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Why would he transfer it doesn't make sense to me. He started as a freshman, he was willing to hold his committment for two years I would be shocked if this happens. But hey its D1 athletics these things happen. Maybe he feels like he will get less playing time next year at PG.

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There is something going on with this basketball program that is not being addressed. Too many occurences to be a coincidence. Either the coaching staff is recruiting the wrong types of kids or is selling them something we don't really have to offer. Either way, the Adminstration needs to look into this.


There is too much athletic money being dumped into this program and athletes that come to UA for one or two years and transfer. The goal of the athletic department has got to be to recruit kids that can and will graduate from UA. That goal is not being fulfilled on this team. It cannot be the lack of money - the basketball program has a budget almost twice that of the next largest team budget.


Is this happening with other sports at UA? They certainly don't receive as much media attention. Maybe it is happening and we just don't know?


Does anyone have a list of the kids that transferred since Brown's tenure began?


I don't follow college basketball as close as some others, but is losing 10-20% of your team per year to pre-graduation transfers the norm?

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Here is my two cents: I don't think the kids that Coach is recruiting are mentally tough enough to take the "tough love" style that he gives. People like Jamar, Brian Lillis, and Brian Connelly thrived from the pressure and intensity coach brought on a day to day basis. I personally think that the kids that Coach is bringing in that are transferring just aren't mentally ready to take that kind of challenge. I'm not pointing fingers in either direction here as to who is right or who is wrong, it just is what it is.


BTW...I hope this is the end of the off season transfer carousel for UA, but I get the feeling it's just the beginning...Let's hope not

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