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It might be a good idea to hold the 'ship and balance the classes a bit but I'm not sure the coaching staff will.


It's probably pretty safe to assume that someone will leave at some point, not everyone is always happy with playing time, away from home, school etc. It's the nature of D1 hoops. To be clear, I'm not discussing anyone in particular on the current roster just generalizing.

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I believe Allen announced he wouldn't be returning...I could be wrong. Remember...he has been here for 5 years. The kid is uber intelligent and is probably moving on to the next--and most important--phase of his life.


Billy has been the ultimate Albany player IMHO, giving and doing whatever is asked of him. Sadly, his career was curtailed (IMHO) of what it could have been due to injury both before and after he arrived at UA.


Wish that kid and his family nothing but the best!


As for FRAN URLI, I too had hip surgery (in April) and am probably at least 4 more months away from being 90%...and 16 months away from no further phys therapy. Even small surgery to the hip is tough...you basically have your impact and cutting ability taken from you. It completely changes your lifestyle.


Fran could have been a good one, and I wish him luck on his recovery!!!

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Before last night I thought we should maybe try to bring in a point guard to back-up Mike Black. Looks like the rotation might have changed a bit and Tartt is becoming that guy. We'll see as the week goes on.


I REALLY hope Brown sticks with Tartt and shows some confidence in the kid. He's gotten a bit more playing time in the last two games but hasn't really done anything to distinguish himself. I hope Brown doesn't bail on him and continues to give him a few minutes here and there.


Tartt has to show him something though. I think one thing is clear, Iati is not the answer.

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