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Anyone else read the latest TU blog?? I think that saying "We're really good" is obviously a huge overstatement. However, I think McRae could be on to something evidenced by the fact we have taken SB,Bing and Hartford all down to the stretch recently. Let's hope the team can start something tonight to get some momentum going to close the season...

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LOL....yeh, huge overstatement. I win today would be nice....we still have a chance to get out of the play-in game....but we have to take the first step tonight. Lose this and we are a lock for the PIG....Win this and we'll be 1 1/2 game out of 7th place....still tough but not impossible.


If we can get a couple of wins to close the season...it will help the team feel a little better going into the off-season...

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Okay time for reverse psychology this team sucks and won't win another game this season


You can say that again.


10-33 from the field? THAT is our problem. For the longest time, we haven't had any AWESOME offensive players that can score at will. Tim has his moments, but most of the time it just doesn't happen. Perhaps if we had some inside presence, we'd be able to spread the defense and thus get open shots.


22-26 from the line? Wow. That's a first.


Black is having another poor game. 5TO's at this point.


Just a bad bad game. We are going to go 6-26 (loss in PIG game). That's bad. I hope these sophmore's improve a LOT over the summer.

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Me too. How the hell did we manage that?


It seemed pretty clear that our gameplan was to get the ball inside..and UNH hacked accordingly..the Wildcats don't have too many bigs to defend down low and Dilegro was in foul trouble for much of the game..for UNH they're an outside shooting team that didn't drive/play in the paint too much..so they didn't create that many opportunities to get fouled.


We're getting open shots..and have been for most of the season..we're just NOT making them..lay-ups..jump shots..three-point shots..it doesn't seem to matter..at least by going to the hoop with it we'll tend to go to the free throw line more often..where we 'shoot' pretty well from..didn't change the result at the end of the game though.

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